College of Innovation & Technology

An Educational Experience Preparing the Workforce of the 21st Century

Ready for the future? 

Then get ready to take your future on an exciting journey where you will be inspired by your professors, connected to business leaders, and earn a degree that will ensure that you will have a fulfilling career.

The new College of Innovation & Technology at the University of Michigan-Flint is now accepting applicants to be part of the inaugural class. We are looking for someone like you–someone who embraces the possibilities of technology, a creative thinker who enjoys problem-solving, and who possesses a pioneering spirit.

The CIT will offer four-year bachelor’s degrees in technology and prepare students for careers in such industries as automotive, manufacturing, artificial intelligence, health care, aerospace, cybersecurity and other sectors.

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CIT Degree Programs for Fall 2021

The CIT will offer two exciting majors: Digital Manufacturing Technology and Information Technology and Informatics. Both are four-year bachelor’s degrees.

The Digital Manufacturing Technology curriculum will explore the intersection of advanced manufacturing, design and control using artificial intelligence and other technologies that are shaping Industry 4.0.

The Information Technology and Informatics course of study is distinct from computer science and management information systems, and focuses on a broad base of computer-related skills and experiences including programming, data management, networking, mobile systems, ethics, and security.

Why Technology is the Right Degree Program for You

Chart showing engineering vs engineering technology discipline.  Chart described in full detail under image.

The new College of Innovation & Technology at UM-Flint is a bold concept that will prepare students for promising careers in manufacturing, artificial intelligence, healthcare, aerospace, biotech, cyber security, and many other sectors of the 21st century economy.

In the traditional sense, technology refers to applied engineering and computer science. Colleges of Technology fill a gap in higher education that falls between vocational technical training offered by community colleges and the more theoretical bachelor’s degree programs in engineering and computer science. The 4-year bachelor’s degree technology graduates learn many of the same engineering and computer science fundamentals, but with less theory and a more hands-on approach as shown in the figure above.

The opportunity that CIT seeks to capitalize on is the emerging frontiers of manufacturing and cyber-physical systems. Introduced in 2016 and now widely accepted, the fourth industrial revolution will be driven by technologies that combine hardware, software, and biology. The College of Innovation and Technology will build upon the strong liberal arts foundation already in place at UM-Flint and develop new technology majors that will prepare students for rewarding careers in Industry 4.0

The CIT leadership will work closely with industry partners to create co-curricular experiences, innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities, and leadership training for students. CIT will also help people in the current workforce to retool and pivot into new areas via short courses, certificates and online modules.

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U-M Regents Approve New College of Innovation & Technology

UM-Flint’s new CIT will prepare students for exciting careers in the industries of the 21st century.

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