Bachelor of Science in Data Science

Build Your Future through the Power of Data

Looking to break into the tech industry? Pursuing your Bachelor of Science (BS) in Data Science from the University of Michigan-Flint positions you at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field. From programming to creating predictive models, you undergo intensive training to refine your analytical instincts and develop a versatile range of skills.

As a part of UM-Flint’s College of Innovation & Technology, a hub for leading-edge research and professional development, the data science major provides a holistic approach to education. You learn by doing. Through internships and project-based experiences, you activate your critical thinking and data-driven insights. 

Flexible Learning Options

Whether you’re a working professional or embarking on your first year of college, you can earn a data science bachelor’s degree online or in person. Whichever program you choose, you will receive rigorous training and personalized attention from our outstanding faculty.

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Why Earn Your Bachelor’s in Data Science at UM-Flint?

Create a Learning Rhythm That Works for You with Online and In-Person Formats

Whatever your schedule or learning style may be, you can complete our data science bachelor’s degree program online through high-tech cyber-classrooms or in person and face-to-face with our amazing faculty. Both program formats guarantee the same top-quality education and allow you an added level of flexibility so your college experience suits and enriches your life.

Build a Strong Computer Science Foundation through Beginner-Friendly Courses

There’s a place for everyone in the tech industry. At UM-Flint, we specially designed our data science program to suit students of all educational backgrounds. If you do not have any previous experience in computer science or related fields, we offer course tracks that can help you gain the technical skills and foundational knowledge you need to excel in the program.

Tailor Your Bachelor’s Degree to Advance Your Skill Set

Because the data science field is highly integrative and continuously evolving, developing a specialization ensures you remain competitive and knowledgeable. We offer four rigorous concentration tracks with unique course offerings so you can refine your skills and grow as an expert in your chosen discipline: 

  • Computational
  • Machine Learning
  • Mathematical
  • Theoretical

Secure Employment in an Ever-Evolving Field

Although data science was once considered a niche area of study, it now plays an integral role in all aspects of modern work. Industries, including government, business, healthcare, finance, and others, heavily depend on data scientists and their data collection, retention, analysis, and forecasting expertise to sharpen their ability to make strategic decisions and expand their success. With this consistent demand, data scientists have a broad range of career paths from which to choose.

“With the growing interest and our newly-developed programs coupled with the rise of generative artificial intelligence I foresee more productive research opportunities for CIT students, which will help them land lucrative jobs in the many fields that use Data Science.”

Halil Bisgin
Associate Professor of Computer Science

Data Science Program Curriculum

While intensive, the curriculum for our bachelor’s in data science cultivates an interdisciplinary learning environment where you can thrive—whatever your academic background may be. Through a combination of hands-on coursework, experiential learning opportunities, and collaborative projects, you explore the intricacies of programming, database systems, and data analysis and become a well-rounded data scientist.

Before tackling more advanced data science courses, you first enroll in foundational courses covering the cross-sections of statistics, mathematics, and computer science. These classes give you the core skills and knowledge needed to create the tools that analyze and manipulate masses of complex data. 

The data science program then builds upon this foundation by delivering a highly concentrated set of classes that provide technical training and emphasize the practical application of data science. These skill-based courses develop your competencies in information storage and retrieval, data mining, data visualization, and databases. Additionally, we ensure you have a fuller grasp of these concepts by providing the theoretical backdrop of methods and algorithms that power the growth of our artificial intelligence and machine learning tools.

Review the course plan for UM-Flint’s BS in Data Science.

“I now have a job with General Motors as a software developer working on one of their mobile apps, and I absolutely love it. I am programming day in and day out and collaborating very heavily with my team; programming in the workforce definitely doesn’t have to be as solitary as people think it is!” 

Molly Kwasny
UM-Flint Student

Develop strong relationships with UM-Flint’s academic advisors to help you stay on track toward earning your bachelor’s in data science. From clarifying program requirements to assisting with your course selections, your advisor provides their expertise and guidance so you can excel in your degree program.

Please reach out to Jeff Dobbs, the dedicated academic advisor for the Data Science program, at [email protected] or by scheduling an appointment

If you’re thinking about majoring in data science, we recommend that you consult with the program’s academic advisor before registering for your first-semester classes.

Career Outlook for Data Scientists

Our world runs on data. To keep local and global industries up and running, they hire skilled data scientists to oversee data mining, investigation, analysis, management, and forecasting. Through data scientists’ hard work and masterful handling of large and complex datasets, companies and organizations can make strategic decisions, predictions, and improvements from a data-driven perspective. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the employment of data scientists to grow 35% through 2032—seven times faster than the national average for all occupations. Furthermore, working as a data scientist also promises stable earning potential, averaging a median annual salary of $103,500, more than double the national yearly salary of $46,310 for all occupations. 

In addition to data scientist positions, your BS in Data Science from UM-Flint can also help you launch your career in one of the following roles:

$103,500* median annual wage for data scientists
  • Budget Analysts
    • Job growth over the next decade: 3%
    • Job openings annually: 3,600
    • Typical entry-level education required: Bachelor’s degree
    • Median annual salary: $82,260
  • Management Analysts
    • Job growth over the next decade: 10%
    • Job openings annually: 92,900
    • Typical entry-level education required: Bachelor’s degree
    • Median annual salary: $95,290
  • Market Research Analysts
    • Job growth over the next decade: 13%
    • Job openings annually: 94,600
    • Typical entry-level education required: Bachelor’s degree
    • Median annual salary: $68,230
  • Operations Research Analysts
    • Job growth over the next decade: 23%
    • Job openings annually: 9,800
    • Typical entry-level education required: Bachelor’s degree
    • Median annual salary: $85,720

Whether you’re a first-year student or a transfer student, we aim to keep the admissions process simple, saving you time and money. 

When applying to UM-Flint’s Bachelor of Science in Data Science program, please submit the following: 

  • A completed online or paper application.
  • Official transcripts from all previous schools.
  • Review UM-Flint’s complete undergraduate admission requirements.

Have questions about our admissions requirements or application process? Please connect with our Office of Undergraduate Admissions for more detailed information.

Estimated Tuition and Cost

At the University of Michigan-Flint, we work hard to keep college education affordable and accessible so you can get the education you deserve and achieve your career goals. Our Office of Financial Aid provides financial aid support tailored to you, giving you the necessary answers and resources. From our Go Blue Guarantee to work-study programs, we connect you with financial assistance that helps mitigate the cost of your education and jump-start your future.

The University of Michigan-Flint’s Bachelor of Science in Data Science provides an immersive undergraduate experience that spurs the growth of your technical skills and helps you imagine new professional possibilities.

Excited to level up your computer science and programming expertise? Make your move and begin your UM-Flint application today! If you have questions about whether the data science program is right for you, request more information