GO Blue Guarantee

The Go Blue Guarantee makes education at the University of Michigan-Flint campus more affordable for residents of Michigan. If you qualify, your financial aid will include scholarships and grants totaling at least the cost of tuition and mandatory university fees assessed each semester. Your financial aid may contain a variety of funding (Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant, State of Michigan Competitive Scholarship, institutional scholarships and grants, and non-UM tuition scholarships and grants). These, together, make up the Go Blue Guarantee.

What is the Go Blue Guarantee and what does it cover?

UM-Flint will pay full undergraduate tuition and mandatory university fees to students who:

  • Are eligible for in-state tuition
  • Are eligible to apply for financial aid
  • Have family incomes of $65,000 or less and assets below $50,000 
  • Are pursuing their first bachelor’s degree
  • Are enrolled full-time
  • Meet the GPA requirements:
    • Incoming students (first-year) must have a 3.5 GPA
    • Transfer students must have a 3.5 GPA.  For transfer students, the Go Blue Guarantee grade point average (GPA) eligibility is determined based on their cumulative GPA across all colleges and universities previously attended.
    • Continuing UM-Flint students will need a minimum 3.0 GPA

Income and assets are verified each academic year based on the FAFSA, and the guarantee requires students to apply for financial aid. First-year students are eligible for up to four years (8 semesters) and transfers are eligible for up to two years (4 semesters).  Continuing students’ semesters of eligibility will be determined based on the number of semesters already attended at UM-Flint.

Got questions? We have answers.

We know that many of you have questions about how the program can work for you. Fill out our Go Blue Guarantee form for more information.

GO Blue Guarantee

Free tuition first time college students. Full-time, in-state students with incoming 3.5 GPA. Family income of $65,000 or less and assets below $50,000. Eligible for up to eight semesters of free tuition.
Free Tuition Transfer Students  Full-Time, In-State Students With Incoming 3.5 GPA  Family Income of $65,000 Or Less and Assets Below $50,000  Eligible for Up to four Semesters of Free Tuition

What does UM-Flint consider when looking at student and family income?

We use information from the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and sometimes request other documents to verify the information.

What assets are used when considering eligibility for the Go Blue Guarantee?

We consider assets as defined by what is reported on the FAFSA, see here for additional information.

What is tuition and what fees are covered?

Tuition is the specific charge the student will be billed for their classes. Tuition and Fees covered are full-time, mandatory university fees as defined by the U-M Board of Regents.

How is tuition covered?

UM-Flint considers all sources of tuition funding, grants, and scholarship assistance when determining eligibility for the Go Blue Guarantee. For example, if you have a Federal Pell Grant, Michigan Competitive Scholarship, institutional grants, or scholarships (private or UM-Flint awarded), these resources would be totaled and we would cover any gap between that and the cost of tuition.

When is it effective?

As approved by the U-M Board of Regents, the Go Blue Guarantee is effective beginning in the Fall 2021 semester. It will be incorporated into the financial aid notification process each academic year.

Will I get the Go Blue Guarantee for my entire education at UM-Flint?

  • First Year Students (As of Fall 2021): Tuition is covered for up to four academic years (or eight terms) of undergraduate education if you qualify each academic year. 
  • Transfer Students (As of Fall 2021): Tuition is covered for up to two academic years (or four terms) of undergraduate education if you qualify each academic year. 
  • Continuing Students (Enrolled prior to Fall 2021): Tuition is covered for any remaining terms you have under the above conditions. For example, a Fall 2020 new admit, will have 6 semesters of eligibility remaining or two semesters if enrolled as a transfer student. A transfer student admitted Winter 2021, will have 3 semesters of eligibility remaining.

If you attend beyond this specified time, tuition will not be covered as part of this program. However, you may qualify for other need-based assistance to help with your tuition expense.

Who gets it?

UM-Flint in-state resident undergraduates earning their first degree who are enrolled full-time and who meet the income and asset provisions noted. Students must apply each year for financial aid and meet financial aid eligibility requirements to be considered. Continuing students must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress to receive any financial aid from UM-Flint.

Is this automatically given every year, or am I reconsidered based on family income and assets each year? Can UM-Flint reconsider my funding if my parents’ financial situation changes?

Your eligibility is reviewed each year, in addition to maintaining a 3.0 GPA, you and your family must meet the income and asset criteria.  You must complete the FAFSA each year (opens each October 1st for the following year). Family financial situations can affect this tuition program.

What if I lose eligibility? Will I be considered again next year?

Yes. Your FAFSA will be reviewed each year for the Go Blue Guarantee program, up to a total of four years for first-year and two years for transfers. Students may demonstrate eligibility for the Go Blue Guarantee in one, two, three, or all four years.  Eligibility is determined on an academic year basis and not between semesters.

Is the Go Blue Guarantee applicable to graduate programs?

No. The Go Blue Guarantee program will assist eligible students enrolled in their first Bachelor’s Degree (undergraduate) program.

Can my financial aid change if you have asked to review additional documents or information?

If we have requested additional information, your tuition funding is contingent on you providing this information for our review. If the information submitted is different from what was reported to us originally, your funding may change.

Can I attend part-time and still get the Go Blue Guarantee?

No. You must be enrolled full-time on the Flint campus to receive the U-M Go Blue Guarantee for tuition.

What if I take a semester off of school and am not enrolled?

Your eligibility will be reviewed for each academic year (fall and winter semesters) in which you enroll. If you take a semester, or year, off to pursue some other interest, your eligibility will be again determined upon your return to the University of Michigan-Flint, up to a maximum of two years (transfers) or four years (first-year).

I am working to earn a second bachelor’s degree. Can I qualify for the Go Blue Guarantee for tuition?

No. You must be earning a first bachelor’s degree to be considered and to qualify. Students who are completing a second bachelor’s degree may be eligible for federal student loans, up to the aggregate borrowing maximum for undergraduate students. Second bachelor’s degree students may also be eligible for private educational loans and scholarship assistance.

I am transferring to UM-Flint. Can I get the Go Blue Guarantee?

Full-Time transfer students admitted with a transfer GPA of at least 3.5 are eligible.  GPA eligibility is determined based on their cumulative GPA across all colleges and universities previously attended. Your eligibility will be considered automatically when you complete the FAFSA and your family income and assets are considered. Transfer students may be eligible for up to four semesters of free tuition.

Will periods of enrollment at another institution be included in the years eligible for the Go Blue Guarantee?

Yes. When determining the total length of enrollment, enrollment at another institution will be included. For example, after you attend, if you take a year off to enroll at a different school, your enrollment will be included when evaluating future eligibility for the Go Blue Guarantee.

My Go Blue Guarantee does not appear on my summer financial aid notice. Why?

The Go Blue Guarantee is not offered during spring and/or summer periods of enrollment. Students may receive up to four years (four and a half for Engineering students) of tuition during a fall or winter semester of enrollment.

My Go Blue Guarantee shows as less than my full tuition on my financial aid notice. Why?

Other grants and scholarships, such as the federal Pell and SEOG grants, and some UM-Flint-funded scholarships contribute to this tuition program. In these cases, UM-Flint makes up the difference and covers a student’s full tuition using the Go Blue Guarantee.

I did not qualify for the Go Blue Guarantee. Can I appeal this decision?

If you have had a change in your financial circumstances not reflected on the FAFSA, there is a special circumstance appeal process to document those changes to determine if any changes to the income and assets would result in changes to eligibility.


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