Center for Cybersecurity Partnerships

Web filtering solutions are a vital component of cybersecurity. They block access to malicious websites, prevent malware from infecting our machines, and protect sensitive data from going out of organizations. They offer a secure, efficient, and controlled online experience across various sectors, addressing concerns related to security, productivity, and content appropriateness. The growing trends in Internet usage for data and knowledge-sharing calls for dynamic classification of web contents, particularly at the edge of the Internet.

Companies today need these solutions to have multilingual capabilities and protect their employees’ data privacy. To meet these challenges, a reliable solution that can effectively classify the URLs into the correct classes is required.

To meet these needs, UM-Flint has partnered with Netstar Inc., a leading Japanese URL Filtering company, to develop a machine learning-based solution. The team consists of multiple PhD and postdoc students from the Secure Modeling and Intelligent Learning in Engineering System (SMILES) Lab and Netstar employees.

Students involved in this project will learn advanced techniques of Natural Language Processing, multilingual content processing, and knowledge graph development. They will gain experience with neurosymbolic and multimodal AI that is explainable and offers reasoning. They will also have opportunities to gain the many soft skills required for collaboration with a global corporation.

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