CIT Joint BS/MS Degrees

The College of Innovation & Technology offers joint BS/MS degrees for University of Michigan-Flint CIT undergraduate students who have an early interest in pursuing graduate-level study in advanced topics in technology, computing, and manufacturing. The joint program curriculum allows students to simultaneously earn undergraduate and graduate credits, which count for bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Your MS program of choice does not need to be in the same field as your undergraduate program. Mixing degrees is a way to explore advanced topics through research work and can also be an alternative to double majoring. Graduate study can lead to a more satisfying career, expanded opportunities in the job market, and provide a viable pathway to PhD study, either following graduation or later in your career.

MS programs are generally 32 credits. In a joint BS/MS program, students register for up to 16 credits as undergraduate students, typically taken during senior year, that are double counted for both degrees. Each degree is awarded independently.

Admission Requirements

Students interested in the joint-degree programs should apply during their junior year and must complete:

  • 55 credits of undergraduate coursework
  • A minimum overall GPA of 3.0

Application Process

Submit an online application below to be considered for admission to one of the above join-degree programs. Other materials can be emailed to [email protected] or delivered to the Office of Graduate Programs, 251 Thompson Library.

  • Application for Graduate Admission
  • $55 application fee (non-refundable)
  • Statement of Purpose describing your personal goals for graduate study
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. The Office of Graduate Programs will pull transcripts for University of Michigan-Flint students. Transcripts from other institutions must be sent directly to the school if they have not already been sent to the university in the past.
  • Biology (Thesis) applications must submit one letter of recommendation from the faculty member planning to be their Thesis mentor.

Do my BS and MS degrees have to be in the same field?
No! You can combine your BS program with a different MS program. A benefit of the BS/MS degree is that you can specialize in a different field, or subfield, or your bachelor’s degree. Consult with your advisor regarding programs that match your career goals and interests. 

Can I apply to the joint program if I am not a CIT student?
No, CIT BS/MS degrees are designed for CIT majors. 

When should I apply?
Students can apply for the MS program of their choice once they have completed 55 credit hours of their BS program. You should start thinking about the joint program during your sophomore year, and apply either at the end of the sophomore or beginning of the junior year of BS study.

Will I get tuition assistance for the graduate program?
The final year of the MS study does not include automatic funding. You should discuss options for funding with your faculty advisor and/or the financial aid office. 

Do I need to take the GRE?
No – the GRE is not required!

What is the difference between the combined BS/MS and just getting a regular MS degree sometime later?
The combined BS/MS allows you to take up to 16 credits of coursework at undergraduate tuition rates, so it is a significant saving over a standard admission after the BS degree and also allows you to save time in completing both your Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. In terms of the program differences, there are none. BS/MS and regular MS students take the same classes and have the same expectations for research work. 

If I am accepted to the joint program, is there a time limit for completing the MS degree?
BS/MS students in their final year of MS are subject to the same time limits as standard graduate admission students – 6 years following initial enrollment.

Can I use my senior design project as the project for my MS degree?
You cannot use your senior design project for the BS as your MS project; however, you can design an extended research-based project with your faculty advisor to extend and deepen your work on a previous project. 

Is it possible to complete the BS/MS in just four years?
The typical number of years to complete BS/MS is five years if the student is enrolled full-time: 4 years for the BS and an additional year for the MS if attending full-time. You can complete this part-time, but the completion time will vary between students.

What other undergraduate courses can be counted towards the MS degree?
The only courses taken as an undergraduate that can count towards the MS degree are up to 16 credits of courses taken at the 500 level in consultation with an advisor. Courses taken below the 500 level cannot be counted towards the MS.

How do I register for courses that count for both degrees?
Talk with your advisor about course planning well in advance. Once admitted as a BS/MS student, you must take 500-level courses that count towards both degrees. Courses at 300 or 400 levels do not count towards the MS, so advanced planning is critical.