The Importance of Humanities to Your Career

Focusing on the study of humanities offers students versatility and choice as they pursue a wide range of diverse career options. The curriculum and courses are designed to develop critical thinking skills, scholarly research opportunities, and enhanced writing styles that are essential to communicating complex ideas.

Learning so many universal skills and techniques prepares graduates for such industries as communications, technology, mass media, business, and many other areas. These are the degrees students start at the University of Michigan-Flint that literally take them anywhere they want to go.

Pre-Professional Programs

Pursuing a career in law requires students to have excellent writing and speaking skills, the ability to analyze and think critically about issues, and be detail-oriented.

A liberal arts education at the University of Michigan-Flint is the perfect foundation for students who are planning to attend law school after earning their undergraduate degree. Our robust selection of courses will help students develop the skills and knowledge necessary for success.

Employment of lawyers is projected to grow 4 percent by 2029 with a median annual wage for lawyers of $123,000.

Major Selection
At UM-Flint, a political science degree offers the best track towards pursuing a degree in law.

Bachelor’s Degrees