Pre-Professional Health Programs

Be Prepared for Your Healthcare Career

You have a passion for healthy living and helping people. Chances are you are looking at turning these interests into your life’s work. At the University of Michigan-Flint, a great way to begin working toward your goals is by following one of our many pre-professional academic programs. These dynamic options prepare motivated students for a wide range of healthcare possibilities. Explore these areas of interest and contact one of our helpful advisors today to plan your next steps.


Chiropractic care is a growing field that is projected to grow 4% through 2029. At UM-Flint, we have several academic programs that align with this career path, helping students interested in becoming chiropractors to achieve the undergraduate degree they need to move on to graduate level educational options.

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At UM-Flint, multiple degrees offer designated Pre-Chiropractic Tracks:


Dentistry is a popular career choice within the  healthcare field. The job outlook for dentists is expected grow 19% through 2026, which much faster than the national average. After the completion of your undergraduate education, you will then go through four years of dental school before beginning your career as a dentist.

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At UM-Flint, multiple degrees offer designated Pre-Dental Tracks:  


Becoming a physician or surgeon remains one of the most well-recognized and popular career paths within the healthcare field. In addition to the fulfillment that comes with improving others’ quality of life, the career outlook for medical doctors is strong; the profession is expected to grow 13% through 2026. After completing a bachelor’s degree, prospective doctors attend four years of medical school and complete a residency before becoming fully licensed to practice medicine.

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At UM-Flint, multiple degrees offer designated Pre-Medical Tracks:

Pre-Nurse Practitioner

The job outlook projections for nurse practitioners is one of the highest in the nation with a projected growth of 45% by 2029. UM-Flint has an excellent Nurse Practitioner program at the graduate level, and interested undergraduate students can get the educational experience they need from our nationally recognized School of Nursing.

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At UM-Flint, two degrees offer designated Pre-Nurse Practitioner Tracks:

Pre-Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists are needed to help people with recovery from injuries and illnesses. With a projected job growth of 16% by 2029, the career field will need students who are educated and prepared to enter the workforce. UM-Flint has the undergraduate courses of study to prepare students for this profession.

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At UM-Flint, multiple degrees offer designated Pre-Occupational Therapy Tracks:


Caring for the vision of others is a noble profession. The career field for optometrists is projected to grow by 4% through 2029, so there is a demand for more people to enter this career field.  is At UM-Flint we prepare these “visionary” students for their professional programs.

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At the University of Michigan-Flint, multiple degrees offer designated Pre-Optometry Tracks:


Pharmacist are a critical component in healthcare. With the rise in the need for various medications to treat a variety of conditions, pharmacy work has taken on a new importance in the 21st century. Pharmacists enjoy good salaries, with the median rate at approximately $128,000.

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At UM-Flint, multiple degrees offer designated Pre-Pharmacy Tracks:

Pre-Physical Therapy

Physical therapy continues to grow as an excellent career pathway in the field of healthcare. The profession is expected to grow by 28% through 2026, with demand increasing as the number of older adults rises. After completing your bachelor’s degree, you will attend three years of PT school to earn your Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree.

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At UM-Flint, multiple degrees offer designated Pre-Physical Therapy Tracks:

Pre-Physician Assistant

Becoming a Physician Assistant (PA) is a popular and growing choice within the healthcare field. Job opportunities are expected to grow by 37% through 2026. Completing a master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies prepares students to sit for the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE). After earning their certification, PAs are qualified to work within many sectors and specialities in the medical field.

To help meet the demand for qualified PAs across the country, UM-Flint has developed its own Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies program. The first students will begin their studies in this program in January 2021, applications are now being accepted.

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At UM-Flint, multiple degrees offer designated Pre-Physician Assistant Tracks: 


What could be more fulfilling than helping animals? Veterinary medicine is a growing career choice, expected to increase by 19% through 2026. After the completion of a bachelor’s degree, students will then complete four years of veterinary school. Read on to learn more about what to expect on your way to becoming a licensed veterinarian.

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At UM-Flint, two degrees offer designated Pre-Veterinary Tracks: