Prepare for Graduate Studies in Health Care

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We’ve designed the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences program for students who are interested in human health and plan to enroll in graduate programs or advance their careers.

It’s also a great choice if you want to pursue a health care career but aren’t sure which one. You’ll get lots of opportunities to explore options before choosing a career track.

Several tracks are aimed at preparing students for specific graduate programs at UM-Flint. But whatever track you choose, you’ll get a great foundation for pursuing graduate studies to become a physician, physician assistant, physical therapist, occupational therapist, environmental scientist, dentist, pharmacist, optometrist, or chiropractor.

How the Program Works

All students in the BS in Health Sciences program take 20 credits of prerequisites, 16 credits in the biological/physical sciences, and 38 credits in health sciences. Then they follow one of nine tracks depending on their career interest:

Why UM-Flint?

We provide the program in two formats: online or a face-to-face setting. This gives you maximum flexibility to fit classes into your busy life. It also lets you choose a format that best fits your learning style.

We also offer year-round enrollment opportunities, a dedicated in-house advising staff, an internship coordinator, and faculty experts in public health, health care, and administration who welcome opportunities to serve as mentors.

Health Sciences Degree Programs

Besides the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences program and the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Honors program, the Department of Public Health & Health Sciences offers one other option:

Career Opportunities in Health Sciences

With the aging U.S. population driving growing demand for medical care, health care professionals should enjoy excellent career prospects. Consider these examples:

Physician Assistants

Job growth for physician assistants, who practice medicine as part of health care teams, should be 31 percent through 2030, the BLS says. That translates into about 12,200 job openings annually through 2030. The median pay for PAs is $115,390 annually.

Physical Therapists

Jobs for physical therapists should grow by 21 percent through 2030, the BLS projects, almost three times the rate for all jobs. Physical therapists earn a median salary of $91,010 annually, and there should be about 15,600 job openings each year through 2030.

Occupational Therapists

Demand for occupational therapists should increase 17 percent through 2030–just over twice the average for all jobs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS projects there will be about 10,100 job openings for occupational therapists each year through 2030. The median wage for the profession is $86,280.

$115,390 median annual wage for physician assistants
21% projected physical therapists employment growth
$86,280 median annual wage for physician assistants

More information about careers in health care is available from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Academic Advising for Health Sciences Majors

UM-Flint’s academic advisors are devoted to helping you succeed. They can answer your questions about program requirements, help you choose courses, and much more. The dedicated academic advisor for the Health Sciences program is Aubree Kraut. You can contact her at or (810) 424-5626.

Get Started on Your Health Sciences Career Today

If you want great foundational preparation for pursuing graduate studies in health care, apply to the University of Michigan-Flint’s Health Sciences program today. If you have questions, submit an online request for information or contact Aubree Kraut, the program’s academic advisor, at or (810) 424-5626.