It’s Time to Get Down to Business

Whether you want to be a titan of industry, an accountant, or open your own small shop in your community, we have robust academic programs that will prepare you for a diverse array of career options. Leading many of our business options is the University Michigan-Flint School of Management which has expert faculty who engage in a variety of ways with students to help them learn and succeed.

Explore all the ways you can put a business degree from UM-Flint to work for your future.

Top 10 Business Careers for 2020
Accountant, Business Operations Manager, Financial Advisor, Financial Manager, Market Research Analyst, Mathematician, Medical and Health Services Manager, Operations Research Analyst, Social and Community Service Manager, and Statistician.

Bachelor’s Degrees

Master’s Degrees

Dual Degrees


Graduate Certificates


$136,850 median annual wage for marketing managers (2019-2029) Source:
15% projected financial managers employment growth (2019-2029) Source:
$105,030 median annual wage for mathematicians (2019-2029) Source: