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International Business encompasses all commercial activities that take place to promote the transfer of goods, services, resources, people, ideas, and technologies across national boundaries. Professionals in international business manage complexities ranging from exchange rates, foreign languages, differences in cultures, customer taste and preferences, government regulations, and business practices. UM-Flint’s International Business degree will prepare you for all of these obstacles!

UM-Flint School of Management students during the China trip.

Why Earn Your Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business at UM-Flint?

Professional Preparation

The International Business major is designed to prepare students for marketing, finance, or management career in the international business environment. The International Business curriculum emphasizes understanding the differences between domestic and international business, understanding the global trade and investment environment, and recognizing the cultural, ethical, and other issues that arise when firms engage in international business.

100% Flexible Online Program Option

For our students’ flexibility and preparation for a future career in the online world, we offer the bachelor’s degree in International Business 100% online. The BBA program is able to be completed in the traditional face-to-face format for locally based students. We are supportive of students transferring credits earned at another institution and will accept more than 75+ credits.

Preparation for a Globally-Minded Career Path

The International Business Student Organization at the  School of Management assists students with their future careers in international business. The members of this student organization travel to annual domestic conferences for networking and presenting research case materials. International Business students can be a member of the International Business Student Organization to align with their career occupation and have opportunities to network with international speakers and employers. Interested students can contact Yener Kandogan, Professor of International Business, or Keith Kelley, Associate Professor of International Business and internationally for college internships. Internships may count for academic credit when participating in a paid internship opportunity.

Live and Learn in a New Culture Abroad

The School of Management and the Center for Global Engagement International Exchange Programs offer current University of Michigan-Flint students the opportunity to study in a foreign country for a few weeks, a semester, or an academic year while receiving credits towards their University of Michigan degree.

As an exchange student, you’ll register for courses at the University of Michigan-Flint, pay the University of Michigan-Flint tuition/fees, and take classes at one of our partner institutions abroad. Because you remain a registered UM-Flint student during your time abroad, your financial aid, loans, and scholarships can be used, making this an affordable way to gain valuable experience and get truly immersed in another culture. Exchange programs are typically for one or more semesters at a university abroad. The School of Management has partnered with universities in Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Turkey, Taiwan, Poland, Romania, and Sweden.

Some students wish to have the experience of studying abroad and getting a taste of another culture but perhaps do not have the time, money, or resources to complete a traditional semester or year abroad. Because of this reason, the School of Management offers yearly faculty-led study abroad trips to Japan, China, or India. The faculty-led abroad program provides significant financial aid and scholarships, course credit for the program, typically 3 weeks or shorter, and typically occurs during the spring or summer terms.

Expert Faculty

UM-Flint’s International Business faculty bring practical working knowledge into the learning environment and are experienced, tested, and respected global experts in their field. Like all University of Michigan instructors, they have a passion for education and years of experience teaching and researching current business issues. International Business faculty members are available to consult with students wishing to pursue careers in international business, international economics, or international management.

Benjamin Molter

Benjamin Molter
International Business and Marketing, 2020

The University of Michigan-Flint gave me more than I could have ever imagined. When I first started my college career, I had no idea what I wanted to study and what I wanted to do with my life. That all changed once I took my first business class, which ultimately led to me becoming an International Business and a Marketing major. While finishing up my last few semesters at UM-Flint, I was given several opportunities I probably would not have gotten from a bigger school. I was able to attain an international internship in Germany, become president of the International Business Student Organization (IBSO), and become a student mentor for pre-business students.

Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business

Within the BBA degree, international business students will take 18 credits of specialized international business courses. Students may choose from:

A. Major Core Courses

  • FIN 466 – International Finance (3)
  • INB 442 – International Management (3)
  • MKT 432 – International Marketing (3)

B. Major Electives
One of the following:

  • INB 394 – International Business Internship Program (1-3)
  • INB 480 – Faculty-Led International Business Study Abroad (3)
  • Another international experiential learning activity, subject to approval by the international business faculty

C. Track Option
One of the following tracks:


  • FIN 363 – Investments (3)
  • FIN 463 – Financial Engineering and Risk Management (3)


  • MKT 338 – Consumer Behavior (3)
  • MKT 435 – New Product Development (3)


  • MGT 347 – Managing Projects and Teams (3)
  • MGT 449 – Issues in Leadership and Change Management (3)
Jazmyn Norman

Jazmyn Norman
International Business and Finance, 2021

I didn’t realize the impact UM-Flint would have on my career or personal life. I’ve met some amazing professors and students that I will cherish forever. I am most thankful for the university’s study abroad programs because it has helped shape the path of my career in international business. I feel very lucky to say I am graduating from the University of Michigan.

International Business Career Outlook

UM-Flint International Business students from 2019-2021 have interned at Denso, Sciemetric, Randy Wise U-TT International, Denso, Financial Plus Credit Union, 100K Ideas, Neswco Inc., Continental Automotive, Fiat Chrysler, and Robert Bosch as well as had internships during their exchange programs abroad.

UM-Flint’s International Business alumni are currently employed at a variety of organizations ranging from non-profits, corporations, self-employed, or Fortune 500 companies. International business alumni work at companies such as Ford, General Motors, Dow, United Shore, Quicken Loans, and more.

The top occupations for someone with an International Business degree are:

  • Economist
  • Trade Specialist
  • Management Analyst
  • Sales
  • Budget Analyst
  • Business development manager

Top Industries:

  • Automotive/Transportation
  • Technology
  • Trade
  • Manufacturing
  • Government

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