Internship & Placement Opportunities

Hundreds of internship and employment opportunities across each business major are available to students and alumni. These can be found here and in Handshake. Career Services networks with employers to record and advertise these opportunities. Students can also take an internship for academic credit through our Business Internship Program. To inquire about internships, please reach out to Justin Skibin by phone at 810-762-3366, by email at [email protected] or at RF 2219.

The School’s generous donors are financially supporting its students’ internship experience. Many students are unable to take an internship because they have to then forfeit their regular part-time jobs that they use to defray their tuition or living costs. Others might need financial support to pay for childcare during their internship hours. For all students, there is the additional cost of the tuition if they want to earn academic credit for their internship. If you are planning on taking an internship, and need financial support, please complete this application.