UM-Flint offers students the opportunity to learn about the law in and outside the classroom to be best prepared for law school no matter their major field of study through the LawReady Certificate, the Law and Society Minor, Moot Court, and individualized pre-law advising and professional development.

LawReady is a certificate offered in partnership with the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) to provide students with a roadmap to explore career opportunities in the legal field while giving insights into the law school experience. The certificate uses our existing academic curriculum at UM-Flint to help students gain mastery of the skills and abilities necessary to succeed in law school. By providing a strong supportive network of peers and mentors, LawReady is also designed to help students increase feelings of inclusion and belonging throughout their legal education journeys.  

You can learn more about the LawReady pillars here: Academic, Navigation, and Engagement.  

When students are ready to apply to law school, they can present their LawReady certificate, if earned, as part of their application to the 70+ law schools currently accepting LawReady. UM-Flint is the first university in Michigan to offer LawReady, and we are excited about the opportunities this program will bring to our students. If you have any questions about LawReady at the University of Michigan-Flint or would like more information about the program, please contact LawReady coordinators Dr. Kimberly Saks and Dr. Bénédicte Veillet at [email protected] or visit

The Law and Society minor provides an interdisciplinary way to study the law in a societal context through the social sciences and humanities. It is a solid foundation for students seeking to attend law school who want to understand the law’s applications in a broader context. 

Students are challenged to think about the law from historical, theoretical, political, and social perspectives while learning about the institutions that seek to regulate behavior and deliver justice. 

The minor is an especially beneficial tool for those students in majors who do not have an emphasis on the law but wish to be prepared for law school. Depending on the coursework selected, students enrolled in the Legal Studies Certificate can complete the Law and Society minor with as little as six additional credits.

The UM-Flint Moot Court team is a co-curricular opportunity for students to become familiar with the concepts of oral argument and brief writing. This competition focuses on appellate advocacy, where students argue hypothetical U.S. Supreme Court cases in competition as well as write briefs in the brief writing competition. Our team participates in competitions through the American Moot Court Association each Fall semester. To date, we have had several teams qualify for playoff rounds in regional competitions and two students placed in the top 10 orators at their regional competitions. Interested in joining? Contact Kim Saks today!

With so many educational opportunities and career paths available to our pre-law students, we strongly recommend regular meetings with our knowledgeable and experienced academic advisors. They can help you choose classes, recommend extracurricular opportunities, make sure you are progressing properly toward a degree, help to explore career paths, and more.

Kimberly Saks advises pre-law students. You can contact her at [email protected] or 810-762-3472 or book an appointment today! 

We also have a pre-law mailing list for interested students. Fill out this form to stay current on law school-related activities, events, and advising.

Pre-Law Society

The Pre-Law Society is a student-run organization where students interested in law school can connect with like-minded peers. Pre-Law Society members support each other through their pre-law curriculum, through the stress of law school applications, provide each other with peer mentoring and accountability, organize events, etc. To get in touch with the Pre-Law society, email [email protected].