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The College of Arts, Sciences & Education at the University of Michigan-Flint offers graduate programs that enhance the career trajectories of busy working professionals. 

Our faculty are experts in their field, providing knowledgeable mentorship and guidance as you develop your perspective and achieve advanced credentials.

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A woman with long blonde hair, wearing a navy blue blazer, is hanging a framed painting in a gallery. The painting depicts a picturesque scene with a stone bridge over a stream, a cottage surrounded by colorful autumn trees, and mountains in the background. The gallery wall has colorful information plaques next to the painting.

Develop as a leader in the visual and performing arts! This program is part of the University of Michigan’s Rackham Graduate School and is ideal for arts professionals interested in taking their work to the next level. Innovative coursework is complemented by directed research and community internships. Flexible scheduling, online and on-campus classes, and part- or full-time options make this program achievable for practicing professionals continuing to work full-time.

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In a bright classroom, a female teacher and a male student with glasses sit at a desk, closely examining a piece of paper. The student, dressed in a gray t-shirt, holds a pair of glasses in his hand. The teacher, wearing a light pink shirt, points at the paper while discussing its contents. Other students can be seen working in the background.

Did you know you can leverage your bachelor’s degree in any discipline and become certified to teach Michigan middle and high school students? During this innovative master’s program, you’ll receive guidance in educational best practices and hone your skills during field experience as a student teacher in a local school.

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In a classroom, a male teacher in a pink shirt engages with three students seated at a table. The students, two girls and one boy, are discussing their work. The girl on the left has long brown hair and wears a black and white striped shirt. The boy in the middle wears a green shirt, and the girl on the right has long blonde hair and wears a blue shirt. Other students are visible working in the background.

Educational Leadership Pathway 

Prepare to transition from the classroom to the administrative office! Three discrete degrees offer practicing teachers a clear direction as they advance toward leadership and administrative roles. Online classes are cohort-based and blend asynchronous coursework with monthly synchronous class sessions.

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A woman with long brown hair and a maroon blouse sits in a library, smiling and resting her head on her hand. She is seated on a green cushioned chair with a stack of books to her left. Large windows behind her reveal a view of trees and a building in the background.

Educational Administration (MA) 

Interested in becoming a school principal? Develop successful administrative and leadership skills and explore the diverse challenges confronting K-12 education in this master’s degree program. Upon completion, you can apply for the mandatory Michigan School Administrator Certificate.

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A woman with blonde hair and wearing a red dress sits in a wood-paneled room, reading a book. She is seated near a mirror that reflects her image, and she appears focused on her reading. The room has a warm, classic interior with light-colored curtains and wooden furnishings.

Liberal Studies in American Culture (MA)

Develop a custom course of study through the lens of American Culture in this interdisciplinary master’s degree program that is part of the University of Michigan’s Rackham Graduate School. Advance your scholarly research and communication skills while pursuing an integrated cultural perspective that can be applied across professional fields.

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At a volunteer event, two men, one older with gray hair and glasses, and a younger man with long dreadlocks, smile as they hand each other bottled water. Both wear blue volunteer badges. Behind them, additional volunteers are seen packing supplies into cardboard boxes under a tent. The event is taking place outdoors near a building with colorful facades.

Public Administration (MPA)

Build upon your knowledge and experience and prepare to serve your community as an adept leader. This highly customizable master’s degree program, part of the University of Michigan’s Rackham Graduate School, offers four concentration options: nonprofit administration and social entrepreneurship, criminal justice administration, health care administration, and social and public policy.

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In a classroom, a young boy with blonde hair, wearing a light blue shirt, sits attentively at his desk with a blue pencil case and books in front of him. Other students, including a girl in a pink shirt and a boy in a patterned shirt, are seated at their desks, working on their assignments. The desks are scattered with school supplies like pencils and notebooks, and the background features a green chalkboard.

Doctor of Education (EdD)

Enhance your leadership and professional skills and develop your scholarly practice. The Doctor of Education degree prepares you to advance into executive leadership positions while actively contributing to the profession’s knowledge base.

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In a classroom, a male teacher wearing a beige jacket and glasses leans over to assist a female student with long curly hair who is working on a laptop. The student wears a light gray sweater and green overalls. Other students, including a girl in a yellow sweater and a boy in a checkered shirt, are working on laptops at their desks in the background. A potted plant sits on the windowsill.

Education Specialist (EdS) 

This post-masters program guides you in applied learning and prepares you for executive leadership. Build your leadership skills and prepare to assume more professional, supervisory, or administrative positions within your current school or at the district level. You can apply for the mandatory Michigan School Administrator Certificate with a Central Office (CO) endorsement upon completion.

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In a bright, plant-filled office with large windows, four colleagues are having a lively conversation. A man with short blond hair and a beard, wearing a maroon shirt, stands beside a smiling woman with long dark hair and glasses, dressed in a light green blouse. Another woman in a white shirt stands behind them, smiling. They are talking to a man with short dark hair, wearing a blue shirt. The atmosphere is cheerful and engaging.

Dual Degree: Liberal Studies in American Culture + Business Certificate

Focus on business-specific topics of study and gain a graduate certificate in business in tandem with your master’s degree in liberal studies.

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