Master of Arts in Arts Administration

Leading Art Organizations in the 21st Century

Today’s expanding world of performance and visual arts requires leadership with vision. The Master of Arts in Arts Administration program from the University of Michigan-Flint transforms your passion for the arts into a rewarding professional career as a manager, collaborator, and leader.

Through our comprehensive Arts Administration master’s degree program, you learn to connect the dots between art production and organizational management. You can acquire sought-after business management skills to help arts organizations such as galleries, theaters, and museums to thrive in today’s ever-changing arts and cultural landscape.

Why Earn Your Arts Administration Master’s Degree at UM-Flint?

Flexible to Fit Your Schedule

The MA in Arts Administration program is an on-campus and online (hyperflex) program that can be completed either full or part time. The full-time degree completion plan is two years, while the part-time degree completion plan is approximately three years.

With directed research courses, internships, and frequent evening classes, the program allows flexibility for a variety of schedules and needs. You may work with your academic advisor to progress at the pace that works the best for you!

Prestigious University of Michigan Degree

Offered through the renowned Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies at the University of Michigan, this Arts Administration master’s degree program provides you with world-class faculty and resources to support your academic success.

Through our partnerships with the area’s leading arts institutions, the program gives diverse learning experiences with opportunities to engage with local and international artists and arts institution leaders.

Community Resources

The city of Flint’s rich and diverse arts community is an invaluable source of inspiration, information, and creativity. UM-Flint’s long-standing relationships with such community partners as the Flint Institute of Arts, Flint Institute of Music, Sloan Museum, and others provide our students with endless opportunities to explore new possibilities.

Also, as part of the world-renowned University of Michigan system, UM-Flint can tap additional resources, expertise, and contacts at our sister campuses in Dearborn and Ann Arbor to assist our students, their research, and other initiatives.

MA in Arts Administration Program Curriculum

The 36-credit master’s in Arts Administration program curriculum takes a unique and experience-based approach to imparting knowledge in management and organizational leadership through the lens of arts and culture. The 18-credit core courses are designed to develop your fiscal, marketing, and management skills for leading arts organizations effectively.

In addition to the core courses, the curriculum includes 12-credit concentration courses focusing on refining your expertise in your area of interest with two options—the Museum and Visual Arts track and the Performance track.

Final Project

At the end of the program, you are required to complete a 6-credit final project to graduate. The final project offers three pathways:

  • Master’s Thesis (requires 6 credits, ADM 600 & ADM 601)
    A traditional written thesis prepares you to continue on to a doctoral program and/or career in academic research.
  • Master’s Project (requires 6 credits, ADM 603 & ADM 602)
    An excellent choice for students who wish to start their own companies, create realized museum displays, or create something new and exciting in the world of arts management.
  • Executive Methods Coursework (requires 6 credits, ADM 603 & ADM 599)
    Prepares students who are currently in or wish to go directly into the field of arts management. You will leave with a portfolio showcasing the skills learned in the program and what you can bring to a prospective employer as well as additional coursework dealing with contemporary issues.

Learn more about the MA in Arts Administration curriculum.

Career Opportunities in Arts Administration

By earning a master’s degree in Arts Administration at the University of Michigan-Flint, you are prepared to pursue leadership roles in organizations such as arts centers, choruses, government, museums, opera companies, symphony orchestras, private arts agencies, arts councils, community arts programs, and more.

As an administrator, your day-to-day duties may include staff management, marketing, fundraising, budget control, program development, and public relations. With the knowledge and experience you acquired from the program courses and internships, you may pursue a wide variety of career paths in the field of visual and performing arts. Common job titles include:

  • Art/Music/Dance/Theater Director
  • Program Director
  • Non-profit Fundraiser 
  • Marketing Manager
  • Grant Writer

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of Art Directors is projected to increase 11% through 2030, faster than the average for all occupations. The median annual wage for Art Directors is $100,890.

$100,890 median annual wage for art directors

Admission Requirements (No GRE/GMAT)

  • Bachelor’s degree in an arts-related field from a regionally accredited institution or experience working within the arts (coupled with a bachelor’s degree).
  • Cumulative undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Candidates who do not have an undergraduate degree in an arts or humanities degree related to the program’s subject areas may be considered for admission if they can demonstrate expertise in at least one area related to arts and humanities study.

Applying to the Master’s in Arts Administration Program

To be considered for admission to the Arts Administration master’s degree program, submit an online application below. Other materials can be emailed to [email protected] or delivered to the Office of Graduate Programs, 251 Thompson Library.

  • Application for Graduate Admission
  • $55 application fee (non-refundable)
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. Please read our full transcript policy for more information.
  • For any degree completed at a non-US institution, transcripts must be submitted for an internal credential review. Read the following for instructions on how to submit your transcripts for review.
  • If English is not your native language, and you are not from an exempt country, you must demonstrate English proficiency.
  • Statement of Purpose describing your reasons for pursuing the degree
  • Three letters of recommendation from individuals knowledgeable of your potential for advanced academic study
  • Students from abroad must submit additional documentation.
  • International students on a student visa (F-1 or J-1) may begin the MA program in the fall or winter semester. To comply with the immigration regulations requirements, international students on a student visa must enroll in at least 6 credits of in-person classes during their fall and winter semesters.

This program is an on-campus program with in-person courses. Admitted students can apply for a student (F-1) visa. Students living abroad are unable to complete this program online in their home country. Other nonimmigrant visa holders currently in the United States please contact the Center for Global Engagement at [email protected].

Graduate Programs Ambassador

Educational Background: Associate’s degree in Photographic Technologies from Oakland Community College and a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Media & Design and a minor in Graphic Design from the University of Michigan-Flint.

What are some of the best qualities of your program? There are so many amazing things about this program. The hands-on experience is invaluable, and even students joining in a hybrid format are still part of the classroom experience. The program is flexible with my work schedule, and the professors are very understanding of our lives outside of school. Having evening classes primarily online has been very helpful.

The relationships and friendships I’ve built during this program have made taking graduate classes much more successful for me. Everyone I’ve been in class with comes from different backgrounds, which makes various projects interesting. I’ve gained real-life experiences from those who work in many different art fields.

Application Deadlines

Submit all application materials to the Office of Graduate Programs by 5 p.m. on the day of the application deadline. This program offers rolling admission with monthly application reviews. To be considered for admission, all application materials must be submitted on or before:

  • Fall (early review*) – May 1
  • Fall (final review) – August 1
  • Winter – December 1

*Please note that you must have a complete application by the early deadline to guarantee application eligibility for scholarships, grants, and research assistantships.

The final deadlines for international students are May 1 for the fall semester and October 1 for the winter semester. Those students from abroad who are not seeking a student visa may follow the other application deadlines noted above.

Admissions Counseling

You may make an appointment with our expert admissions counselor to learn more about the program admission requirements and the admissions process.

Learn More about the Master of Arts in Arts Administration Program

The University of Michigan-Flint’s Arts Administration master’s degree increases your business management acumen while deepening your understanding of arts. Apply to the program today to pursue a career in leading organizations of arts and culture!

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