Double Count Your Credits, Double Your Degrees

University of Michigan-Flint graduate students have the unique opportunity to pursue two graduate degrees simultaneously through a dual degree program.

Benefits include:

  • Allows students to double count certain courses toward two complementary graduate programs.
  • Faster degree completion for the dual degrees. 
  • Graduates of our dual degree programs receive two degree citations on their transcripts as well as two separate diplomas.
  • The opportunity to save on tuition* by completing courses that double count.

*Tuition rates for the dual degree programs are charged at the primary degree rate.
*Primary degree is defined as the higher degree. E.g. DPT would always be the primary degree in the dual DPT/MBA programs. If both degrees are the same level (e.g. dual MS in CSIS/MBA), the primary degree is defined as the first degree to which a student was admitted.

Student Initiated Dual Degree Programs

UM-Flint also provides opportunities for students to customize a dual degree program of their own. Students may pursue a dual degree arrangement with two master’s programs not among those dual degree programs already approved. Students are required to complete the requirements of both programs, allowing for double counting of coursework as approved.

*Tuition rates for the student initiated dual degree (double counting) programs are charged at the primary degree rate as well.

Dual Degree Programs