Institute for Society and Technology

The Institute for Society and Technology at the University of Michigan-Flint aims to examine the social causes and consequences of technological change. The history of our region exemplifies the political, economic, and social impacts associated with this change. We seek to advance scholarly discourse in two important ways. First, we convene faculty, students, and community members concerned with technology’s impact on society. Second, we support, promote, and fund scholarly activity exploring the social consequences of technological innovation in institutions such as education, healthcare, and the labor market.

Research Focus

  • Intersection of democracy, online behavior, media, and technology 
  • Impacts of technology on healthcare delivery and outcomes
  • Social causes and consequences of technological change from a historical perspective  
  • Technological impacts on labor and the future of work 


  • Speaker and Symposia Series: The IST hosts speakers and conversations that contribute to discussions around technological change and its associated social and cultural impacts.
  • Reading and Discussion Circles: The Institute will support and host various discussion groups among interested faculty, staff, students and community members on topics related to the Institute’s mission.
  • Socially Responsible Technology and Education: The Institute will initiate curricular development and teaching support for courses and programs that implement coursework on the social impacts of technology and technological change.
  • Faculty Seed Funding: The institute aims to support faculty research through seed funding opportunities and by convening faculty for external proposal development.

Calendar of Events