COVID-19 Vaccinations

Vaccination Distribution at the University of Michigan

The COVID-19 vaccine distribution is underway for the University of Michigan community. This effort is being coordinated through Michigan Medicine to the greater University of Michigan community, including UM-Flint. 

Currently, Michigan Medicine and other health care organizations have started vaccinating people based on the recommended prioritization guidelines from CDC and MDHHS. More information regarding CDC’s priority categories can be found here. You may also stay up to date with MDHHS vaccine prioritization here.

View the Frequently Asked Questions about the vaccination process from Michigan Medicine. 

All UM-Flint faculty, staff, and students have the opportunity at some point to receive the vaccine through this process. If you are interested in receiving the vaccine, it is imperative that you participate in the University of Michigan’s Blue Queue questionnaire. It is the only way that you will be able to receive the invitation to schedule your  vaccination through Michigan Medicine. Within this questionnaire, you will be asked to indicate if you would like to receive an invitation to schedule an appointment for a vaccination, if you have already been vaccinated or plan to get the vaccination from an alternate source, or if you would not wish to receive the vaccination.  

This is a rapidly changing environment so please be sure to watch your email and check back here as well as the Michigan Medicine Blue Queue and FAQs website for current updates.

Resources for Finding Vaccines in Your Area

We know it can be difficult to find up-to-date information about vaccine availability in your area. A website many  patients have found helpful is, a community-driven effort to help Michiganders access up-to-date information about vaccine availability throughout Michigan.

For information regarding vaccination clinics within the UM system and outside clinics, please click here.

With more vaccine supply shifting to health departments and retail pharmacies, we encourage you to register with your county health department and retail pharmacies in your community for possible vaccination, if available.

We also recommend checking the State of Michigan’s COVID-19 vaccine website and your local health department’s website for more information about vaccination options.