Department of Public Safety Oversight Committee

In 2007, the University of Michigan–Flint Department of Public Safety Oversight Committee (DPS) was created under the authority of Act 120 of the Public Acts of 1990 of the State of Michigan. The primary function of the Committee is to consider grievances by persons against police officers or the Department of Public Safety arising out of acts or omissions of such officers of the department. The Committee will prepare and make recommendations concerning such grievances, including recommendations for disciplinary measures against a police officer who is found responsible for misconduct in office. Such reports shall be submitted to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Business and Finance.

The campus is notified about the DPS committee on an annual basis.

Oversight Committee Members

Faculty Members

  • Kimberly Bender, Assistant Professor, Flint Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice
  • Peter Molinaro, Assistant Professor, Flint Psychology

Staff Members

  • Suzi Bye-Montpas, Benefits Coordinator, Flint Human Resources
  • Chad Lee, Data Entry Operator, Flint Admissions & Recruitment

Student Members

  • Madison Detloff, Freshman, Pre-Nursing, School of Nursing
  • Shelby Shovein, Senior, Fine Arts major, College of Arts & Sciences

Alternate Members*

  • Thomas Henthorn, Associate Professor and Chair, History
  • David Luke, Chief Diversity Officer, DSA
  • Amena Shukairy, Student, Junior, Math TCP major, College of Arts & Sciences

Other Participants in DPS Oversight Meetings

  • Ray Hall, Chief of Police, Public Safety, UM-Flint
  • Heather Bromley, Executive Sergeant, Public Safety, UM-Flint
  • Helen Phinisee, HR Senior Consultant and Committee’s Facilitator

*Alternate members will serve in the event that the members above are unable to serve the full term or are otherwise unavailable. Alternates will be invited to attend and participate in all meetings.

Contact Info

UM-Flint DPS Oversight Committee
Human Resources
213 UPAV
303 E. Kearsley St.Flint, MI 48502
[email protected]