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Staff Assembly was formed following a task force study in 1990. Staff Assembly consists of two groups:

  • Staff Assembly (all staff members of UM-Flint)
  • Staff Council (elected UM-Flint staff)

The Staff Assembly and the Staff Council stimulate and maintain a spirit of unity and open communication between the university support personnel and the administration of the University of Michigan-Flint.

Our Charter establishes the guidelines for procedures under which these bodies will function.


  • Provide open communication with the campus between staff and administration.
  • Be the voice to the Administration for channeling concerns by suggesting proposals and solutions with input from the Staff Assembly.

The Staff Council strives to involve staff in order to stimulate and maintain a spirit of unity as colleagues in all departments within our campus community.

Learn More, Get Involved

The Staff Assembly Charter outlines our organizational structure and mission of service. Staff Council meetings are open to all staff and they are from 2p-3:30p on the following days:

  • Monday, August 14th – SHIAWASSEE ROOM
  • Monday, September 18th – Michigan Rooms
  • Monday, October 16th – Michigan Rooms
  • Monday, November 20th – Michigan Rooms
  • Monday, December 18th – Michigan Rooms
  • Monday, January 15th – Michigan Rooms
  • Monday, February 19th – Michigan Rooms
  • Monday, March 18th – Michigan Rooms
  • Monday, April 15th – Michigan Rooms
  • Monday, May 20th – Michigan Rooms
  • Monday, June 10th – Michigan Rooms

Join us for our annual events.
Share your feedback with us.

Your participation as a member of the staff assembly in the many opportunities available will greatly contribute to the improvement of our campus work environment.

Staff Assembly Charter

University of Michigan-Flint
Established 1993 – 1994

The Staff Assembly and the Staff Council will stimulate and maintain a spirit of unity and open communication between the university staff and the administration of the University of Michigan-Flint. This Staff Charter establishes the guidelines for procedures under which the Staff Assembly and Staff Council will function.

Staff Awards

Sterling Staff Award
The Sterling Staff Award is designed to acknowledge staff members for their contributions to the UM-Flint campus. Students, staff, or faculty members can submit a nomination to let staff members know they are making a difference, that what they do is valued, and to recognize them for going the extra distance in their work.
Sterling Staff Award Nomination Form

Marlene Borland Staff Book Fund

The Marlene Borland Staff Book Fund was established in 1997 by UM-Flint staff members, Catherine A. Moore and Roxanne M. Brunger, to provide University of Michigan-Flint staff with funds to purchase books needed for completion of their undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan-Flint. The fund is intended to reward the persistence of UM-Flint staff as they strive toward the completion of a bachelor’s degree. The fund was established in recognition of Marlene Borland, accounting department supervisor, who retired in 1997 after 28 years of service to the University. The awards are made only for Fall and Winter semesters.

Marlene Borland Staff Book Fund Application

Staff Council Members

Antonio Mata
Public Safety
[email protected]

Darlene Lorence*
Facilities & Operations: Mailroom
[email protected]

Gary Ashley (Vice Chair)
Thompson Center for Learning & Teaching(TCLT)
[email protected]

John Girdwood
Educational Opportunity Initiatives (EOI)
[email protected]

Joslyn Brown
University Housing & Residential Life
[email protected]

Julie Westenfeld
School of Nursing
[email protected]

Kayla Bueby
Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)
[email protected]

Laura Martin
K-12 Partnerships
[email protected]

Mai Lee
The Urban Institute for Racial,
Economic, & Environmental Justice (UIREEJ)(UIREEJ)
[email protected]

Mary Ann Kost
The Student Success Center
[email protected]

LaQwana Dockery
The Intercultural Center (ICC)
[email protected]

Stephanie Hare
University Housing & Residential Life
[email protected]

Sade Wilson (Past Chair)*
Education Department
[email protected]

Vickie Jaskiewicz (Chair)
School of Nursing
[email protected]

James Vogt*
Public Safety
[email protected]

*Completing their second term; must rotate off Council at end of term. Not eligible for re-election until 2024.

Support Staff Council

  • Marlene Borland Staff Book Fund
    Established in honor of Marlene Borland, this fund provides book assistance to eligible UM-Flint staff members who are pursuing an undergraduate degree program at the Flint campus.
  • Staff Council Gifts
    Your gift to this fund provides support to the UM-Flint Staff Council in conducting programs, initiatives, and activities that benefit the UM-Flint community.

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