2014 Common Read

The University of Michigan-Flint Common Read Committee has selected Jonathan Kozol's Fire in the Ashes: Twenty Five Years Among the Poorest Children in America (Random House, 2012) as the 2014-15 Common Read. In this book Kozol revisits the inner-city children and parents about whom he has written previously. Kozol is an acclaimed narrator of poor children's experiences in schools and communities. Among his previous books are Death at An Early Age, Rachel and Her Children, Savage Inequalities, Amazing Grace, Ordinary Resurrections, and The Shame of the Nation.

Jonathon Kozol will visit UM-Flint on October 8, 2014.

Copies of the book are available through the campus Barnes and Noble Bookstore, which is offering a discount to all faculty, staff, and students.

Fire in the Ashes