UM-Flint Environment, Health and Safety's role is to bring the Ergonomics Awareness initiative to the Flint campus.  EHS fulfills this role by working with the ergonomics team on the UM Annual Ergonomic Grants & Awards program.  EHS performs ergonomic evaluation of work stations, and provides loaner office equipment for employees to try before they buy when requested.

Ergonomics is the “science of designing work environments and processes for the people who use them” and has an important role to play on many levels at the University of Michigan. Supporting and maintaining a healthy, productive workforce is a key objective of the Ergonomics Initiative.  The University’s Enhanced Ergonomics Program will emphasize increasing faculty and staff awareness of, access to, and effectiveness of ergonomic resources within the U-M community.

Many environmental factors are within your control. By understanding more about risk factors and minimizing them through self management techniques and effective safety behavior, you can improve your health and productivity. That means more comfort and increased productivity at work.  Ergonomic principles focus on three strategies: education/training, design of the work environment, and design of work processes. The Michigan Healthy Community Initiative builds on current ergonomic resources and includes all three strategies to maximize the health of our workforce, with support and cooperation of our leadership, departments, unions, schools and colleges.

The initial focus is to empower faculty and staff through education and increased awareness of current resources. This will minimize the effects of ergonomic risk factors on their health and productivity, emphasize personal responsibility, and encourage employees to take ownership of their safety behavior and environmental factors within their control. 

The following are links to ergonomic resources within & outside the University.  Explore these resources and learn how you can improve your work space.  To request additional information or preventative services, please feel free to contact UM-Flint Environment, Health and Safety.

UM Ergonomics Awareness 

UM Ergonomics Tutorials & Self-Help 

Design Guidelines for Renovations/Remodels 

Ergonomics Preventative Service Request for UM- Flint Employees
Call UM-Flint’s Environment, Health and Safety Department at 766-6763 or e-mail

Flint Recreation Center 
Fitness assessments and personalized exercise programs and much, much more…

M Healthy Web site
Improving health and quality of life for the U-M community

Occupational Safety and Environmental Health (OSEH) Ergonomics resource webpage

MHealthy Ten Tips for Computer Users (PDF)