academic assessment

Academic assessment at UM-Flint continues to support the institution’s mission to strive for excellence in teaching and learning. The university is committed to assessing its academic programs to understand and improve student learning.  

The Academic Assessment and Policy Committee promotes a culture of continuous improvement and monitors the purposeful alignment of learning objectives and ongoing evaluation of  success within programs. Individual programs have assessment plans and coordinate the faculty and staff who participate in data collection and analysis. Assessment of General Education is overseen by the Director of General Education. 


UM-Flint Assessment Tools
Watermark Student Learning & Licensure and Planning & Self Study are the software platforms used for assessment at UM-Flint. 

Watermark Student Learning & Licensure is a powerful tool for faculty and student engagement with learning outcomes assessment. Watermark Student Learning & Licensure can be used for data collection from faculty and clinical observers within courses and field experiences, as well as administrative reporting on aggregate data. Students might also complete assignments or build customized eportfolios in the tool. The General Education Program at UM-Flint will use Watermark Student Learning & Licensure to gather data related to the General Education Learning Outcomes (GELOs), and other departments may use the tool for program and accreditation-based assessment.

Watermark Student Learning & Licensure

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