COVID-19 Management Team

Beginning April 1, 2022, the Reopening Committee evolved into a smaller group as a subset of the All Hazard Planning Team. The COVID-19 Management Team is comprised of four main areas: Environmental Health & Safety, Human Resources, Division of Student Affairs, and the Division of Academic Affairs. Additional units, previously on the Reopening Committee, will serve in an ex-officio capacity and will be engaged in topics specific to those areas when needed.

The COVID-19 Management Team will continue the ongoing review of public health information and assessment of current campus conditions. The team will monitor related COVID-19 practices in Ann Arbor and Dearborn and liaison with the Genesee County Health Department and other related internal and external entities. In addition, the team will maintain its role of proposing, and monitoring COVID-19 related campus/enterprise policies, and providing consultation for individual units based on COVID-19 operational needs. The team proposes suggestions/recommendations to campus leadership for consideration and approval. Finally, the team will focus on data collection, case management, testing, COVID-19 policy compliance, and related campus communication.

The Reopening Committee
The Reopening Committee was established in Spring 2020 to address the many issues related to the management of the COVID-19 pandemic. The committee met weekly to discuss all of the items that required action and communicated these decisions via email, the web, and virtual town hall sessions.

Shelby Newport, Co-Chair
Professor of Theatre

Julie Snyder, Co-Chair
Associate Vice Chancellor & Dean of Students

Karen Arnould
University Registrar

Scott Arnst
Chief Information Officer

Nick Gaspar
Director, Online & Digital Education

George Hakim
Director, Facilities & Operations

Ray Hall
Director, Public Safety

Mike Lane
Director, Environmental Health & Safety
and Emergency Preparedness

Beth Manning
Director, Human Resource

Laura McLeman
Interim Director, Thompson Center
for Teaching and Learning

Gina Rose
Director, Conferences & Events

Ken Sylvester
Director, Office of Research

Joe Vainner
Director, Office of Admissions