Financial Services & Budget


The Financial Services & Budget Department assists in maintaining the fiscal integrity of UM-Flint.  We value efficient and responsive customer service, professionalism, honesty, and integrity. We provide services to facilitate campus faculty, staff and students in:

  • Understanding university policies and procedures
  • Financial reporting
  • Student billing
  • Financial analysis
  • Fiscal controls
  • Budgeting
  • Accounts payable and the collection
  • Custody and release of campus funds   

As a department within Business and Finance, we support the Mission and Vision of the Flint Campus.  More specifically and personal to our organization:

  • VISION:  "the why":  We believe that an education at UM-Flint can enhance the lives of students, families, and ultimately the Flint community.  This is "the Michigan Difference" and will result in transformational growth for all.
  • MISSION:  "the how":  Our mission is to make that vision a reality through "Serving the Blue, Serving U".
  • GOAL:  "the what":  Delivery of the deep expertise in our various areas of specialty; servicing many as the provider of choice and employer of choice...and to do so with a "warranty"...we strive to make it right, or at a minimum, understandable. 


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