GIS Center Data

The GIS Center has a variety of data available for request.  These data were collected from publically available sources to create GIS files.  To put in a request for one of these data files, please email Troy Rosencrants at

Data can also be downloaded at the MapFlint Data Download.

U.S. Census Data

Census information is from the American Community Survey (more information) 5-year summary files.  Data were derived from National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS;  (MPC/NHGIS: Minnesota Population Center. National Historical Geographic Information System: Version 11.0 [Database]. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota. 2016. )

The spatial extent of Census information is the entire EDA University Center 7 county region:  Genesee, Huron, Lapeer, Sanilac, Shiawasee, St. Clair, and Tuscola.  Data are available at the entire 7 county extent, as well as individual counties.  The City of Flint is also an available spatial extent.

The census breakdowns available are:

  • Block groups
  • Tracts
  • County subdivisions (cities/townships)
  • County

Data are available for 2009-2018.

  • Population
  • Race
  • Hispanic or Latino Origin
  • Educational Attainment
  • Sex by Age
  • Median Age
  • Travel Time to Work
  • Median Household Income
  • Per Capita Income
  • Household Income
  • Employment Status
  • Ratio Income to Poverty
  • SNAP Food Stamps
  • Means of Transportation to Work
  • Housing Units
  • Housing Value
  • Household Type
  • Gross Rent
  • Tenure
  • Units in Structure
  • Vacancy Status


The GIS Center also has some non-Census data available by request.  These data are Genesee County and City of Flint focused.  

Data available include:

  • Genesee County Schools with student counts
  • Genesee County School Districts with student counts
  • Boundary files:
    • Cities and Townships
    • Counties
    • State
    • School Districts
    • Zip Codes
    • Precincts
    • Hydrography
  • City of Flint Service Line Connections (original and November 2016 update; available upon request using this form)
  • Trails
  • National Land Cover/Land Use
  • Airports
  • Transportation
  • Businesses (as of June 2017)

If you don't see a dataset listed, please contact Troy Rosencrants at to see if we may have it or if we may know where the data can be found.

Data Sources

Below are other data sources for GIS files or maps in the Genesee County region and the state of Michigan.

Flint Property Portal
The Flint Property Portal was launched by the Genesee County Land Bank Authority and the City of Flint in 2017. The purpose of the Portal is to increase public access to property information in order to strengthen engagement, transparency, and trust between residents and local government in Flint. 

City of Flint GIS
GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is a unit of Flint’s Planning Division. The mission of Flint’s GIS is to provide a progressive, location-based solution that promotes informed decision making, improves citizen services, and encourages collaboration across all levels of government.

Genesee County Land Bank Maps

Genesee County GIS

Data Driven Detroit Open Data

Michigan GIS Open Data
Here you can browse, search, preview, and download a variety of Michigan geospatial datasets.