Off-Campus Experience

Working one-on-one with specialists in the field, both at UM-Flint, and at campuses throughout the United States and abroad, this unique experience has been a key factor in broadening the horizons and enriching the lives of students throughout the history of the UM-Flint Honors Program.

The Off-campus Experience is funded up to $3,000 and is usually taken during the summer of the junior or senior year. Our students have traveled to Japan, Italy, Germany, Australia, China, Canada, and many other countries or have chosen to stay closer to home in the US or right here in Michigan.

Off-Campus Experience options include, but are not limited to:

  • Research at another university
  • Study abroad
  • National Student Exchange (NSE)
  • Internship

Students choose their Off-campus Experience based on their major and chosen field of study, with the help of their faculty Off-campus Advisor/Mentor.

As with any adventure, the Honors Program will enhance your life personally and professionally. You have the chance to develop relationships with people you meet during your study, and experience life in another culture.

Work for the Off-campus Experience is completed in HON 494 (1 credit) Off-Campus Study Preparation, Independent study course.