Online Instructor Certificate Program

Experience online learning as your students do!

Available to educators across the nation, this series of fully online courses will show you how to design and deliver a quality course via the Internet– free for University of Michigan-Flint faculty and competitively priced for others.

You may choose any course individually, or you may decide to earn the full online instructor certificate. For the certificate, participants must complete the following courses and receive a score of 80% or higher in each one.

For faculty or staff members interested in this program, please contact the ODE Help Desk. The Help Desk staff will be able to provide you with the promotional code that will allow you to register for these courses for free.

Complete the following:

OPTIONAL: Blackboard Basics for Faculty (online, self-paced, instructor-facilitated; $100)
Faculty learn the basics of this learning management system and will have their own Blackboard course shell in which to do assignments and practice. This is optional only for those who are already tech-savvy and have used some type of learning management system.

REQUIRED: Faculty Introduction to Online Teaching (online, self-paced;  $100)
This course introduces instructional design theory and the basics of what it takes to develop and teach an online course. Includes trends and mechanics of online teaching.

REQUIRED: Intensive Course Development (online, structured, instructor-led; $400)
In this four-week course, participants experience first-hand what it is like to be an online learner, walk through the development process, and create the core of an online course, including learning objectives, syllabus and course material for at least two complete weeks of instruction.
Prerequisites: Blackboard Basics (or experience) and Faculty Intro to Online Teaching

REQUIRED: Copyright Issues in Online Teaching (online, self-paced; $100)
This course provides both an overview for educators of copyright issues and specific information related to the online environment. Topics include instructors’ responsibilities regarding student work, graphic sources and rules for Web-based course content, fair use, database and digital rights protection, and such legislation as The Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the TEACH Act.

REQUIRED: Course Quality Assessment (self-paced; $100)
Using an Excel-based tool, faculty can assess the quality of their courses according to 60 standards and sub standards related to technology usability and instructional design. This tool provides measurement criteria, benchmarks, ratings and a weighting system to provide an overview that is as objective as possible

REQUIRED: Making Learning Accessible (online, self-paced; $25)
Accessible course development is about creating instructional materials that people with disabilities can access the same as those without a disability. You will learn, however, that following accessibility best practices can benefit all students. It also helps you and your institution avoid legal entanglements. We’ll overview and then have you practice some simple steps that you can take to help your students get the most out of your online course materials. The course will take you about 4 to 5 hours to complete.

Course Development Stipends


UM-Flint faculty may be eligible to earn a stipend for developing a new online or mixed-mode course (contingent upon availability of funds). Interested faculty must accomplish and secure the following in order to be eligible:

  1. Successful completion of the Intensive Course Design program (80% or higher) – a cohort-based online course that introduces you to the world of online teaching and learning, and walks you through building your online course.
  2. Attendance at one of our multimedia workshops and learn how to record your own lecture content. Regular offerings include Lecture Capture Possibilities, Camtasia Screen Recorder, Kaltura Video System, and Including Multimedia in your Assessments.
  3. Departmental commitment to teach the course once a year, for three consecutive years.
  4. Finally, the course must be reviewed by ODE to ensure the criteria on the Course Development Stipend Request form are met.  A review may be requested once the course is at least 50% developed.