Faculty Development

We appreciate your interest in the following simulation-related faculty development training modules. In partnership with The George Washington University School of Nursing, we are happy to offer this free Coursera online week-based course described below.

The free 7-week online course will provide learners with key strategies to help understand the foundation of Clinical Simulations. During each module, students will learn about seven key components of Clinical Simulation across the Health Professions and its impact on their current position as healthcare educators. Learners are encouraged to utilize the Resources provided by each module to support and enhance their understanding of each key concept. Students will learn about the following topics in this course:

Module 1: Getting Started in Clinical Simulation-the Fundamentals
Module 2: INACSL Standards of Best Practice: Simulation
Module 3: Implementing Simulation in the Curriculum
Module 4: Developing a Simulation Center
Module 5: Basics of Debriefing in Simulation
Module 6: Evaluation Methods in Simulation
Module 7: SPs in Simulation

Please Note: All new users of the Center for Simulation and Clinical Innovation (CSCI), defined as anyone conducting simulation-based experiences or clinical skill programs in the CSCI, must have completed all seven Coursera online faculty development modules or provided documentation of completion or participation in other simulation development courses or fellowships (e.g. INACSL Simulation Education Program (ISEP) or other) by the Fall Semester of 2024. Upon completion of these courses, please take a screenshot of your final page detailing course completion and submit it to Ron Streetman via email at [email protected], for verification and tracking purposes. If you choose to register and obtain a certificate of completion, sending just your course completion certificate (Not Required) pdf is also appropriate. 

Existing faculty who have completed the University of Michigan Faculty development modules must provide documentation of ongoing faculty development in simulation pedagogy by fall 2024. (Examples include but are not limited to attending a simulation-related webinar or simulation-focused conference, completing the modules from George Washington University, or other simulation-related development activities such as ISEP, simulation fellowships, or the National League for Nursing SIRC modules). See the links below for access to free webinars or other simulation-related learning activities.

Required Simulation Module Link: (Program Certificate Not Required)
Coursera Free Course: Essentials in Clinical Simulations Across the Health Professions
The George Washington University – Dr. Pam Jefferies, George Washington School of Nursing

Other Continuing Faculty Development Online Course Educational Opportunities: (Not Required)

Simulation-Related Website References