The marian e. Wright writing center

The Marian E. Wright Writing Center began in 1971 under the direction of Patrick Hartwell and Bob Bentley as a place to help students from all disciplines with writing. Our Writing Center is the oldest writing center in Michigan.

Our center helps students, faculty, and staff with their writing and speaking needs. Highly trained student tutors work with students at all academic levels and from all disciplines, providing in-person and online tutoring. We conduct in-class and co-curricular writing workshops on topics ranging from writing resumes to how to do peer reviews. The Writing Center also helps faculty with their scholarship and provides venues for creative writers to receive feedback and publish through periodic writing contests.

Marian E. Wright Writing Center 50th Anniversary, 1971-2021, University of Michigan-Flint Logo

Mission Statement

To be critical readers and listeners who provide helpful feedback to writers and speakers.

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