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Tutoring Options and Services 
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Winter 2021: The Writing Center will provide remote E-Tutoring and Live-Online services. 

Document Options:

  • Plain Word docs
  • Google Doc
  • Google Slides: Our scheduling system can't upload PowerPoints. Therefore, for presentations, we'll schedule a zoom meeting with you to review PowerPoints or Google slides with you. Make a note in the appointment box that you need a zoom session and a tutor will provide a link for you by the start time of your appointment. 

Need a Group Tutoring Session? Make an hour long appointment (if you need more time email us, we'll extend that appointment to an hour and a half if time is available), tell the tutor it's a group presentation, provide names and email addresses for all group members in the appointment box, and upload either a plain Word doc, or a sharable with link Google doc or Google slide presentation. The tutor will then send a zoom link for you and your group to join at or just before your appointment time, depending on tutor's schedule. 

*No PDF’s or PowerPoints please. 

For more information about tutoring services, please visit our "Tutoring Options and Services." 

Tutoring Options and Services

Information about Tutoring Services:

Tutoring is being conducted all online for the time being. We have two tutoring options available:

E-tutoring: Asynchronous tutoring. Upload a plain Word document to your appointment (no pdfs please) or provide a sharable with link Google link. The tutor will retrieve your paper at your appointment time. They will use the comment feature to provide feedback on your paper. When they are finished, they will re-upload your paper to your appointment block if you've attached a Word doc, or if you've provided a Google link, you can view your feedback after your appointment is finished. 

Live Online Tutoring: Synchronous. You will need to upload a Word document so the tutor can put this into our shareable viewing platform. When your appointment time arrives, re-open your appointment block and click "Join session." There, you'll be able to talk live with your tutor and receive feedback on your paper. 


Information about Uploading Word or Google Docs

The Writing Center is working remotely to provide e-tutoring services only at this point. (E-tutoring is asynchronous, meaning you won't be able to "talk" live with a tutor. You'll only receive feedback using the comment functions in Word or Google docs. However, you can leave them questions in your paper if you want to.) If you would like your paper tutored, please do the following:

Two document options: Word or a Google Doc

Word option:

  • Upload a Word document only, using the "Browse file" option at the bottom of your appointment screen. (No PDF’s or PowerPoints. They don't work for this option.)
  • When the tutor is finished providing feedback on your paper using Word comments, they will re-upload your paper to your appointment where you can retrieve it after your appointment time.
  • Open your appointment, scroll to the bottom of your appointment page, and you should see another paper attached called "tutored." That's the paper your tutor uploaded with their feedback. 

Google Doc option:

  • Or, you can provide a "Sharable with link" to your Google doc on your appointment form, and make sure you provide a "Sharable link, for anyone who has the link" from the "Shared files" option on the Google docs page so the tutor is able to open it. You can provide the Google link on the last question on the page. Tutors can also tutor PowerPoints through Google docs as well. Here is a quick You-Tube video that shows how to do that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKSgTTPbRBE 
  • If you use Google docs, you should be able to see the tutor's comments from your Google doc page.

In order to provide as much time as possible for each paper, tutors are not emailing papers. Please check your appointment or Google doc sheet for your paper and feedback. Thank you. 

If you have questions, email us at flint.writingcenter@umich.edu

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.


Writing Center Staff



Writer's Circle

Writers' Circle: The Winter 2021 Writer's Circle will meet on Wednesdays at noon, starting January 27th. 

The group provides accountability, support, and time for writing. We provide updates at the beginning of the session, then 35-45 minutes are dedicated to writing. Once a month, we offer group members the opportunity to share a section of their work for feedback. 

If you're interested in joining us, please email Vicky Dawson at vidawson@umich.edu 

Writing Tips and Resources

How to Create a Thesis Statement: Click here to download our tip sheet to writing a strong thesis statement.

Here's a PowerPoint explaining it as well: Thesis Statement PowerPoint

Information Management Chart: Want to make writing your research paper quicker and easier? Check out our Information Management Chart!

Resumes and Cover Letters

The Writing Center has resources and tutors who can support you as you work through writing your resume and cover letters. Whether you need help just getting started, or just want feedback on a draft, make an appointment with one of our tutors. We would be happy to help you.

Also, Career Services at the University of Michigan-Flint also has fantastic resources and support for writing resumes and cover letters. They also have resume guides to give you examples of what those look like and tips for how to get started. Here is the link to the Resume and Professional Writing Guide