Citizens Advisory Committee

The Ctizens Advisory Committee of eleven to eighteen members is established for the purpose of advising the chancellor, the president, and the Board on all matters bearing on the effectiveness of the service of the University to that area served by its programs centered in Flint, including the long-range educational needs of the area, and the part the University should take in responding to such needs. The committee shall provide for its own organization and procedures.

The committee shall be appointed by the Board on recommendation by the president for terms of four years. No member shall be eligible to serve more than eight consecutive years. The chancellor of the University of Michigan-Flint shall be a member of the committee ex officio, without vote, and shall preside at meetings of the committee.

Committee Members

  • Melany Gavulic
  • Lisa Hagel
  • Margaret Kato
  • Preston Means
  • Linda Thompson
  • Gregory Viener
  • Ridgway White