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For any type of catering inquiry (including student organizations and external customers), please contact us through our
Catering Inquiry Form. Provide as much information as possible on this form, but be sure to include the following information (if available):

  • Name & Contact Information
  • Reservation Number from your confirmation from Conferences & Events
  • Date, Time, Location
  • Type of Event/Theme
  • Budget Details
  • Any special requests, dietary restrictions or allergies

Tiered Service Levels

Pick Up
Everything is served on disposables. Pick up your catering order from Picasso @ UCEN, located on the 3rd floor of the Harding Mott University Center. Pick-up service is available during regular business hours.

Drop Off
We come to your meeting place and deliver your order directly to you. All items are served on disposable ware. You will be responsible for discarding disposable ware and food after your event in order to avoid additional cleaning fees applied through Conferences & Events. The delivery fee is $20 for orders under $400. For orders over $400, a 5% delivery fee will apply.

Our catering team sets up your event using our equipment (chaffers, displays, linens, and decor). We will make sure your event starts off right, then our catering team will return at the end of your event to breakdown. This service level is recommended for events with hot foods. An 18% service charge will apply.

This is a full-served event. Our catering team sets up your event using our equipment (chaffers, displays, linens, and decor). Our team will stay to serve your guests throughout the entirety of your event. Afterward, they will break down and clear your event space. Real ware (china, glassware, etc.) is available at an additional cost. An 18% service charge, plus applicable staffing charges will apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my guest count goes up or down?
When planning an event, it is best to start with the minimum number of guests you are expecting and raise your count as final RSVPs come in. Your final numbers for catering should match the final numbers provided to Conferences & Events for the room setup details. We ask that your count be finalized at least one week before your event.

What are the 72-hour order restrictions?
We always try our best to accommodate last-minute orders. That said, we need at a minimum, a 72-hour notice prior to an event. We recommend that organizations place their orders at least one week prior to the event. We cannot guarantee the delivery/pick-up time or the product you request when placing an order will be available. This is primarily due to the current supply chain delays as a result of the pandemic. When placing an order with short notice, additional fees may apply.

What if one (or more) of my guests have certain dietary restrictions or allergies?
We can create a specific menu or items within your menu to accommodate those special restrictions. Please submit this information with your original request.

If I need more than just catering, can you help me with that?
We are willing and able to assist with all of your event needs. From flowers to specialty linens to Chiavari chair rentals, we can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Does my catering come with disposable ware? (i.e. plates, silverware, napkins, etc.)
Yes, all service tiers include standard disposable ware. If you would like, you can upgrade to premium real ware when using the staffed tier.

Order Monetary Limits?
Orders under $100 are subject to administrative fees. For small orders, you can work with our catering specialist about utilizing our Picasso @ UCEN location for your foodservice.

What happens if there is food left over?
For your safety, food that is heated or cooled and is out over 4 hours, must be discarded. Food held at room temperature must be discarded after 2 hours. We ask that you ask one of our food professionals before packing up food-to-go to ensure the food is safe.

Why do I have to meet the minimum order requirements in order to have my order delivered?
Although we would love to be able to service everyone’s needs (no matter how small the order), this is just not logistically possible. It would be very difficult for us to not only staff the number of persons it would take to make this possible, but it would also be very difficult to make these practices profitable.

The menu states “25-person minimum applies on all per person packages.  For orders fewer than 25, additional charges will apply.” How are the additional charges determined?
If you are unable to meet the minimum order requirement, additional charges will be determined as follows: customers will be charged 50% of the per person price for each person under the minimum. For example, the sunshine package is $10.95 per person, an order placed for 22 people would be charged 50% of $10.95 ($5.47) x 3 persons (the number of persons below the required amount for a total of $16.41, plus $10.95 x 22 people. The total cost for this example would be $257.31.

There is a meal that I really wanted, but I don’t see it on your catering menu. Can I still order it?
Of course! There are thousands of food offerings that our trained team of culinary experts can prepare for you. Please put any special requests on the Catering Inquiry Form.

Is there a cancellation fee?
Yes, depending on the time of cancellation and what was ordered. Catering orders canceled less than 48 hours are subject to fees and charges. Please speak with the catering specialist about changes to your order.