About Us

We at Picasso Restaurant Group would like to take a moment to thank the University of Michigan-Flint, staff, faculty and students for choosing PRG as their food service provider.  It is our hope that along with delivering high quality food offerings and exceptional customer service, we also continue to exceed your expectations in regards to what a food service management company can do.  We are extremely excited about this opportunity and look forward to working with all of you for many years to come!  Once again, thank you for inviting us to be a part of your campus and your community!


Gerald, Nihad, Allen, Michael, and the entire Picasso family


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Where and How do I start?

Contact us by email at flintcatering@prgmichigan.com.  The more information you can give, the easier it will be for both parties.  When putting in your request, some of the information you should include are:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Reservation number
  • Date, time, location, and type of event/theme you are planning
  • Number of attendees
  • Budget details
  • Food preference and allergy/dietary restrictions

Tiered Service Levels

Pick Up
No extra fees, everything is on disposables and you just pick up your order from Cafe Blue (UCEN). 
Pick up service available during regular business hours.  (Mon. - Thurs. 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.)
Drop Off
$20 fee under $400 or 5% for orders over $401. 
All items are served on disposable ware.
We come to your meeting place and deliver your order directly to you. 
You will be responsible for discarding of disposable ware and food.
18% added service charge to your bill.
Our catering team sets up your event using our equipment (chaffers, displays, linens and decor). 
We will make sure your event starts off right, then our catering team will return at the end of your event to breakdown.
18% plus applicable staffing charges.
This is a full serviced event.
Our catering team sets up your event using our equipment (chaffers, displays, linens and decor). 
They will stay to service you and your guests throughout the entirety of your event.  Afterwards, they will break down and clear your event space.


Q:  What if my guest count goes up or down?
A:  When planning an event, it is best to start with the minimal number of guests that you are expecting and raise your count as final RSVP's come in.  We ask that your count be finalized at least one week before your event.
Q:  What if one (or more) of my guests have certain dietary restrictions or allergies?
A:  We can create a specific menu, or items within our menu, to accommodate those special restrictions.  Please submit this information with your original request.
Q:  What if I need more than just catering, can you help me with that?
A:  PRG is willing and able to assist with all of your event needs.  From flowers to specialty linens to Chiavari chair rentals, we can help you find exactly what you are looking for.
Q:  What are same day order restrictions?
A:  We try our best to accommodate same day orders.  Please keep in mind that because of the short notice, we cannot guarantee the delivery/pick-up time or the product that you request will be available.
Q:  What happens if there is food left over?
A:  For your safety, food that is heated or cooled and is out over 4 hours, must be discarded.  Food held at room temperature must be discarded after 2 hours.  In all other cases, you are welcome to bring your own containers to take food home in.  We ask that you talk to one of our food professionals first to ensure the food is safe.
Q:  Why am I charged 18% service charge?
A:  Service charge goes towards setting up the event, delivery or items and clean up.  We do also have pick up platters available at all of our Cafes for no service fee.
Q:  Does my catering come with disposable ware (i.e. plates, silverware, napkins, cups)?
A:  Yes, all packages include standard disposable ware.  If you would like, you can upgrade to premium disposable ware.
Q:  Why do you charge to rent chinaware?
A:  We charge rental of china for our handling, cleaning, maintenance, breakage and storage of our rental items.  We do offer different tiers of flatware packages for any budget.
Q:  The menu states:  "15-person minimum applies on all per person packages.  For orders fewer than 15 persons, additional charges will apply."  How are the additional charges determined?
A:  If you are unable to meet the minimum order requirement, an additional flat-fee of $30 will apply.
Q:  What if my event is being held over the weekend when the Cafes are not open?
A:  Catered events on weekends are subject to a minimum food and beverage order of $200.
Q:  There is a meal that I really wanted, but I don't see it on your catering menu.  Can I still order it?
A:  Of course!!  There are thousands of food offerings that our trained team of culinary experts can prepare for you.  We just didn't have the room to list them all.  Please feel free to contact us or stop in, and we will be happy to sit down and customize any menu specifically for you and your guests.