Maize Money

Maize Money is a declining balance account on your M-Card. Money can be added to your Maize Money account and your M-Card can be used as a debit card for purchases at various vendors on the University of Michigan-Flint’s campus. 

Maize Money is accepted at all on-campus dining locations and at the bookstore. Students living on campus can use Maize Money in laundry facilities and select vending machines located in residential housing.

Who Can Add Maize Money

  • UM-Flint Students
  • Genesee Early College Students
  • DEEP Students
  • UM-Flint Faculty
  • UM-Flint Staff

Have a special guest or group coming to campus and want them to be able to use Maize Money? Contact Food Services.

How to Add Maize Money

  • Complete the January-June or the July-December contract form
    • Maize Money can be purchased any time during the year and in any amount (minimum purchase of $25).  
    • Maize Money purchases are added to the student account and are paid at the Office of Cashiers/Student Accounts (2nd floor UPAV). Payment deadlines and policies follow the tuition schedule. Unpaid amounts are subject to late fees. Payment can be made by cash or check, credit card payments are not accepted.
    • Non-students wishing to purchase Maize Money should contact Jessica at

Expiration Dates

Maize Money purchased between July 1 and December 31, will expire on December 31. Maize Money purchased between January 1 and June 30, will expire June 30.


Maize Money is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Locations Accepting Maize Money

LocationDining DollarsMaize Money
Barnes & NobleUPAV – 1st FloorX
Cafe Blue by PicassoUCEN – 1st FloorXX
Picasso @ UCENUCEN – 3rd FloorXX
Smoke, Rattle & RollUPAV – 1st FloorX
O’BlendzUPAV – 1st FloorX
Sharwerma BiteUPAV – 1st FloorX
Sportlite GrillUPAV – 1st FloorX
SubwayUPAV – 1st FloorX
LaundryFirst Street HallX
VendingFirst Street HallX
Blue Bistro by PicassoWSW – 1st FloorXX
Recreation CenterRec CenterX