Professional Development

Learn new skills and continue your education in UM-Flint noncredit professional development programs.

The Office of Extended Learning is approved to award continuing education credits by the following entities:

National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (CPE credits)
Michigan Department of Education (SCECH credits)
International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET)



Learn new skills and continue your education in UM-Flint noncredit professional development programs.

K 12 Professional Development

Earn SCECHs taking single courses or working toward one of three Technology Integrator Certificates.  Courses were developed by UM-Flint staff.


Online Instructor Certificate

For educators and trainers at all levels, this is an intensive program that warrants the UM-Flint "seal of approval."

EDT 521/COM 540

Graduate students enrolled in EDT 521 will find a full set of mini-module registration instructions in their Blackboard course shells on the first day of the academic semester for which they are registered.  These instructions will contain a coupon code that should be applied to each selection in order to zero out the balance due at checkout.  Students should not incur any additional cost while registering for the mini-modules as they have already paid standard tuition and fees. 

Assistance with mini-module registation or Blackboard navigation is available through the Office of Extended Learning.  Questions may be directed to Krista Heiser at (810) 762-3201 or via email at  In addition, the Online Learning Helpdesk is available after normal business hours and on weekends at (810) 237-6691 or via email at  

Students requiring guidance on mini-module selection should reach out to the appropriate program representative. 

For physical therapists to obtain Continuing Professional Development Units (CPDU) from the Michigan Physical Therapy Association (MPTA).   Please contact the Physical Therapy Department at (810) 762-3373 or visit their website.



This system contains course descriptions, dates of availability, pricing, and continuing education information.  

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  1. Select the category appropriate to your interests. 

  2. Select the course(s) by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button. If you'd like to remove a course from your cart, click on the X in the cart list. 

  3. Click the "Checkout" button.  

  4. If you have an existing Blackboard account
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What is needed in order to complete an online course?

In order to complete an online course, all users must have access to a computer with an internet connection.  For software application courses, users may be required to access cloud-based applications, or download and install freeware or trial versions of the requisite software. 

Whom should I contact if I have a question regarding my course?

All content-related questions should be directed to the instructor.  Their contact information can be accessed through the course menu. 

For assistance with registration or Blackboard login issues, please contact our Helpdesk at (810) 762-3201 or via email at

How do refunds work? 

The Office of Extended Learning will process refunds if the following criteria is met: the course is found unsatisfactory with less than 50% completion and the request is submitted within 30 days of registration.  It is assumed that after 30 days, you are satisfied with the materials and service.  For more information regarding administrative policies, such as complaints and refunds, please contact Krista Heiser at

If my issue cannot be resolved through communication with my instructor, whom should I contact? 

All employees of the Office of Extended Learning are bound by university policy. Therefore, all complaints are handled by the department director and, if necessary, University Human Resources

How can I order a transcript of my professional development coursework?

Learners may request an unofficial transcript of their professional development coursework by emailing Krista Heiser at; if the learner is not the requestor, the learner must be contacted and permission given to OEL in writing in order for the transcript to be prepared.  As the Office of Extended Learning has utilized multiple systems since the roll-out of the professional development modules, the administrator responsible for preparing the transcript may be required to look in multiple areas in order to capture all relevant data.

Special Notation:   The Office of the Registrar is not in any way involved in this process as professional development coursework does not appear on official academic transcripts. Verification and preparation of this information is the sole responsibility of the Office of Extended Learning staff.