Funding Board Committee

The Funding Board Committee serves to review and allocate all requests for funding from Student Organizations to foster and promote student life on the campus of the University of Michigan-Flint.

Director of Financial Affairs: Shbeib Dabaja

Student Organization & Partnership Board Committee

The Student Organization and Partnership Board (SOPB) Committee acts to organize efforts to promote student organizations, student leadership, and student life. It also acts to disseminate information on student organizations, student leadership, and student life to make recommendations to Student Government on issues affecting student organizations, student leadership, and student life.

Director of Organization & Partnerships: Timothy Brooks

Student Relations Committee

The Student Relations Committee is responsible for publicizing all actions and activities of the Student Government to students, media, University campus, and greater community. It also acts to facilitate greater communication among all levels of the University campus and implement events/activities that foster support for the students and Student Government. The committee develops and implements a Student Government marketing and recruitment plan. The committee also works with student concerns on campus.