Event Service Policies

Michigan Rooms
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Conferences & Events (CAE) is dedicated to working with each client to determine their specific planning needs and match them up with the most ideal venue. For availability, rental rates, questions about spaces, or to schedule a tour, please complete our event inquiry form.


Commercial Users

Commercial groups may schedule events up to two years in advance.

To claim a tax exemption, groups must provide appropriate documentation when scheduling events.

Primary and/or Secondary Rooms that are scheduled with less than 7 day notice will be assessed a minimum $25 late-add fee. All other spaces that are scheduled with less than 48 hours notice will be assessed a minimum $25 late-add fee.

All event details for Primary Rooms (Riverfront Conference Center, Riverfront Expo, Riverfront Suites, Riverfront Boardrooms, Northbank Center Grand Ballroom) and Secondary Rooms (Michigan Rooms, Happenings Room, Kiva, Tuscola Room, Park Place) must be finalized 7 days prior to the event.

If a group changes the set of a standard set room and does not return it to its original configuration, they will be assessed a $25 reset fee.  These rooms include all Classrooms and Labs, all Lobbies and General Seating Areas, Lapeer Room, Shiawassee Room, Boardwalk, Carriage Room, 701 NBC, Mott Foundation Conference Room, Huron Room, Superior Room, Loving Lounge, Clint’s Cafe, Union, Alumni Room, Riverview and the Genesee Room.

Spaces that are set for an event where the staff is asked to add, remove or change a part/whole of the set up will be charged a $50 late set up fee.

Classroom space requests are accepted during the scheduling period, however, CAE cannot confirm these reservations until 2 weeks after the start of the semester.


  • If a cancellation is more than 180 days before the event, then the security deposit is forfeited.
  • If a cancellation is less than 180 days before the event, the security deposit and rental fees are forfeited.

Changes to the event date within the cancellation deadline will result in a cancellation fee. Changes to the event venue within the cancellation deadline will be assessed the greater room rental rate.

CAE reserves the right to cancel any event within its facilities based on the following items: 

  • If University of Michigan closes the campus due to weather or other event
  • When there is a safety concern related to the event or event set up

To confirm the facilities, Commercial groups must submit the signed rental agreement and security deposit.  One half of the rental fees are due 180 days prior to the event.  The balance of the rental fees are due 30 days prior to the event.

Payment can be made in the following ways:

  • Check or money order payable to “The University of Michigan”
  • Online Credit Card
  • Cash

All refunds will be distributed via check after accounting is complete.  Checks returned for insufficient funds or any other reason will be assessed a minimum $25 fee.

Special Event Parameters

CAE does not allow money collections and will not assume liability for items stolen from drop boxes. Use of the drop sites is subject to the following requirements:

  • Drop boxes must be neat in appearance with their function and the sponsoring organization clearly stated.
  • Pick-ups occur regularly so as to minimize theft and prevent overflow.
  • Charity Drives may last a maximum of two weeks.

Dropbox sites may be scheduled with CAE.

Events meeting all of the following criteria fall under the Dance/Party Policy:

  • The use of music (i.e. DJ, band, Ipod, computer) and an open area for active, non-seated attendees.
  • Expected attendance of more than 100.
  • Scheduled ending time for the event is later than 10:00 p.m.

Dance/Party events may be held on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays during fall and winter semesters with the following exceptions:

  • Study or Exam days
  • Special event or tradition weekends

All Dance Party events are considered TENTATIVE until approved by SIL, DPS and CAE.
If an event meets Dance Party criteria, student organizations must contact SIL for event review.
For full dance party policy, visit website Dance Party Policy | Campus Involvement

Student organizations, University departments and Commercial Users may schedule distribution tables under the following conditions: 

  • The sale of any product or service offered as a fundraiser must be directly provided by the department or student organization. No sponsorship of commercial groups or solicitors is permitted. The sale of food is specifically prohibited.
  • Distribution tables must be staffed by students from the student organization or department staff with University identification.
  • Approaching passersby or other active solicitation is strictly forbidden.
  • Distribution table users must remain behind their table.
  • CAE must approve goods and services that are to be sold or distributed from distribution tables. No product or service may be sold or distributed which duplicates or is similar to those sold by any on-site University business operation.
  • Distribution tables are limited to one (6-8’) table with two chairs.

For all gaming events, the group hosting the event must take full responsibility for gaming coordination, the license application procedure and qualification materials, any equipment vendors involved and enforcing all applicable state laws and directives. Additionally, all advertising must be pre-approved by CAE prior to distribution.

Bingo and Casino Events
If the event is charging an admission fee or prizes are awarded to competitors based on their performance, a state license must be secured from the Charitable Gaming Division of the Michigan State Lottery.   Most “Casino Night” type events will require a “Millionaire Party” license.  Only those groups which are 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations are eligible.  Allow a minimum of six weeks for the qualification process.  If the license is not received by the event date, all admission charges will need to be refunded to participants.  For additional guidelines, including the application and procedures, please visit the Michigan Charitable Gaming Division website http://www.michigan.gov/cg and or call 517-335-5780 for more information.

Card Tournaments
All card games are considered gambling under state law and require a casino-type license if prizes of financial value are awarded or admission charges are involved.  

Any prize awarded by chance, if entrants must pay an entry fee, participate in some event, or be present to win, are raffles which require a state license. 

Other Games of Skill
It is acceptable to award prizes without the need for a state license for other types of “games of skill” (ex. trivia, chess, billiards).


CAE is committed to making our guest experience enjoyable and comfortable for everyone.  

  • Special needs guests are welcome to bring trained service animals that are covered under ADA guidelines into University facilities.
  • Each facility has a wheelchair that is available upon request at no charge – a valid ID is held as collateral.

Please advise CAE of any special considerations 30 days prior to your event.

With the exception of ADA Service animals, no animals or pets are permitted in University facilities unless provided an exception by CAE. ADA Service Animals must be supervised at all times. The Harding Mott University Center and University Pavilion are both considered food service establishments by the Genesee County Health department.

The University Pavilion has an ATM available for guest use.

Chalking is available in connection to an on-campus event. Contact Conferences & Events for approval. In order for you to chalk on UM-Flint’s campus the following guidelines must be followed: 

  • Chalk is ONLY permitted on sidewalks and open walkways of campus property.
  • Chalk MUST be applied at least 10 feet away from any building NOT directly in front of entrance ways. 
  • No chalking is permitted on any vertical locations, including the sides of buildings, concrete pillars, etc. 
  • Chalking MUST be washable and in a location where the rain can wash it away; therefore, chalking under any overhang is prohibited. Chalk must be water soluble.
  • Chalking must be in good taste and may NOT promote the use of alcohol or advertise drink specials, have obscene/derogatory wording or images. 

Copyright Law
Information about the Copyright Law of the United States can be found at https://www.lib.umich.edu/research-and-scholarship/copyright-services. Additional information can be found at https://guides.lib.umich.edu/permissions/overview.

Here are a few tips to help with event planning:

  • All movies are sold as “home use only” and do not contain legal permission for use outside the home. The rental, purchase, lending or download of a movie does not provide the right to exhibit it publicly outside the home unless the screening is properly licensed. Obtaining a license is the responsibility of the event host.
  • When using a streaming service, such as Netflix, licensing depends on the streaming service and what is being streamed. 
  • A license is required for all public performances regardless of whether admission is charged and location.
  • The University of Michigan has a general license that covers music being played within the facilities and grounds.

The group scheduling University facilities is financially responsible for any special clean-up or damages resulting from the event or the activity.

No use of adhesives, glitter,  sand weights, confetti, confetti cannons, or use of paint of any kind. No candles or special effects equipment such as smoke, fog and fire machines, sparklers, etc. are permitted. Events involving arts and crafts may only be scheduled in approved spaces.

     Trees and Other Vegetation

  • No real cut trees are to be used as part of an indoor decoration. Real trees may only be used if they are living, potted, maintained in a fresh condition and not allowed to become dry.
  • Vegetation such as leaves, branches, or plant cuttings cannot be used for decorations in UM-Flint buildings.
  • Artificial trees and decorations should be labeled or certified by the manufacturer as being “flame retardant” or “flame resistant.”


  • Items should not be arranged so that they obstruct the view of egress to corridors or exits.
  • Items must not compromise public safety or increase the risk of property damage.
  • Items may not be hung or suspended from automatic sprinkler system branch lines or pipes.
  • Use of adhesives, hydrated beads, glitter, sand weights, confetti, rice, dance wax, powder, gel beads or similar materials is prohibited.
  • Helium balloons must have a streamer attached that is the height of the ceiling of the event space. Balloons that get loose and float to the ceiling requiring special equipment for removal will be charged additional fees.    

 Lights, Luminaries, and Cords

  • Only UL listed electrical lights and wiring shall be used on trees and other decorations.
  • Electrical lights should not be used on metal artificial trees.
  • Electrical cords must not be laid or taped across floors to avoid creating a tripping hazard.
  • All electrical decorations should be unplugged at the end of each day.
  • Candle-type luminaries will not be used indoors.
  • Special effects equipment such as smoke, haze, fog and fire machines, sparklers, etc. are not permitted.

The University of Michigan has temporarily banned the use of all unmanned aerial systems — better known as drones — on or above campus property while a policy regulating their use is developed.

Emergency Procedures
In order to ensure the safety of guests and staff, emergency response plans are created for a variety of situations including medical, fire, tornado, and crowd control.  In the event of an emergency, please notify CAE staff immediately.

Fire Safety
It is of critical importance that all fire regulations are followed.

  • Decorations and/or displays must not compromise public safety or increase the risk of property damage. 
  • Stay within fire capacities.
  • Maintain access to fire exits.
  • No candles or special effects equipment such as smoke, fog and fire machines, sparklers, etc. are permitted.

Food & Beverage
All catering at UM-Flint is provided exclusively by Picasso Restaurant Group. Groups are not permitted to bring their own food or beverage into facilities or into outdoor events.   Please contact your Picasso Restaurant Group for menu selections.  

CAE has authority to approve items provided by the group that are prepackaged or made out of a commercial kitchen within a $100 limit. Examples of approvable items include, bottled beverages, individually packaged candies, pastries and cakes. CAE cannot approve items that have serving temperature requirements or present a food safety liability, All items must be preapproved 7 days prior to your event date and outlined on the reservation. Requests made after the deadline will not be approved.

Temporary Food Service License is required in some instances, information can be found on the Genesee County Health Department website.

Events hosted by commercial users and voluntary student organizations with an expected attendance of 125 or more that are serving alcohol, must provide to the University a certificate of insurance evidencing general liability insurance ($1 million per occurrence/$2 million annual aggregate) and naming the Regents of the University of Michigan as additional insured. Renters must give the University thirty (30) days prior written notice of any reduction in limits or cancellation of insurance. 

Lost & Found
CAE is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property belonging to users of the facilities.  

Any personal items found in the room after the event will be turned into the Department of Public Safety.

If your event is expected to attract media attention, please advise CAE.  

Minors On Campus
All programs and activities that involve minor children fall under SPG 601.34. It is the university department, recognized student organization and/or commercial user’s responsibility to ensure that all requirements of this SPG are met and followed in order to use university facilities to hold the program and activities.  Information on program registration, background checks, and other resources can be found here.

Due to the nature of our facilities and proximity to other events, noise levels must be minimized.

Outdoor Events
CAE will assist in coordinating sprinkler shut-off, temporary trash containers, waste removal, and grounds clean-up after the event if necessary. CAE will assist in coordinating electricity and water for locations where those services are available. The user is responsible for any fees associated with these services. CAE does not provide equipment for outdoor events. Vehicles are not permitted to drive on lawns during the delivery, set-up or removal of equipment.

Parking options for non-University guests vary by location.  A parking map is available at https://www.umflint.edu/campus-map/ 

  • Parking for Riverfront Conference Center is located in the attached parking structure located on Beach Street.  Guests will take the elevator/stairs to level one and cross Union Street to the front entrance of the Riverfront Conference Center.
  • Parking for Northbank Center is available in the attached parking structure.  Limited parking is available during regular business hours at $5 per vehicle; limited free remote parking is available.  The parking ramp, when available, may be rented for an additional fee.
  • Parking for the University Center is available in the Mill Street parking structure.
  • The University Pavilion parking ramp may be rented for an additional fee.  In addition to the rental fee, there is an additional security fee that applies.
  • There is open parking Monday through Friday after 5pm and weekends in designated University parking lots/structures.
  • Buses that unload and are remaining on campus during events can park in the William S. White parking Lot R located on the corner of Saginaw Street and Robert T. Longway Blvd.
  • Guests who need handicap parking while on campus must obtain a UM-Flint Handicap Parking Permit from the Department of Public Safety.  The UM-Flint handicap parking permit, State of Michigan disability plate, and/or handicap hang tag must be properly displayed in the vehicle.  Parking at Northbank Center and Riverfront are excluded from this additional requirement.

Prohibited Items
No use of adhesives, glitter, paint (including painting related activities), sand (including weights), confetti, confetti cannons, rice, wax, dance powder (or similar materials) are permitted. No candles or special effects equipment such as smoke, fog and fire machines, sparklers, etc. are permitted.  

Room Capacities
Room capacities can vary widely depending on function requirements.  Please disclose all event needs to CAE to ensure safe and appropriate allocation of space.

Sales, Solicitations and Promotions
For University Departments and Student Organizations, sales of event-related products are permitted within contracted meeting rooms.  Requests for sales by non-University groups will be considered but generally speaking, non-University groups are not permitted to solicit sales from the University community.  

CAE reserves the right to require fire, police or other security personnel for events. The need shall be determined based on the time, place and type of event. Security personnel may also be provided at the request of the sponsoring organization. Events requiring security coverage will not be permitted if the host facility determines that adequate security is unavailable. No security may be provided from agencies outside the Department of Public Safety without their approval. Additional fees may apply.

Shipping Materials for an Event
CAE must be notified in advance of planned shipping arrangements.  Due to limited storage, event materials should be sent as close to the event date as possible and limited to 50 lbs or less.  CAE reserves the right to refuse shipments too far in advance of the event date.  Groups planning to distribute large quantities of materials must reserve an additional meeting room for storage.  The client is responsible for arranging outgoing shipments and all shipping fees.  No COD packages will be accepted.  CAE assumes no responsibility for the contents or security of packages.

Tents and Other Structures
The following applies to temporary structures, raised platforms, shanties, tents/canopies and other three-dimensional constructions to be used in conjunction with an activity or used independently. CAE will determine proper placement of all tent/structures.

  • Safety: All temporary structures will be sturdy and constructed with safe materials. In no case shall a temporary structure contain divided interior spaces or walls.
  • Standard Characteristics of Approved Tents/Canopies:
    • Self-standing or self-supported (requiring no use of wires, cables or other supporting materials)
    • Sturdy, non-dangerous construction (prevention of collapse)
    • No use of stakes or other driven-in anchors (weight bags are acceptable and encouraged)
    • Capable of rapid set-up and removal without excessive equipment
    • Vehicles are not permitted to drive on lawns during the delivery, set-up or removal of equipment

No materials may be posted on doors, glass, painted surfaces, pillars, bricks, in the skywalks, benches, light poles, emergency phones, trash receptacles, on trees or other landscaped vegetation.

Easel/Sandwich Board Signage
Easel/sandwich board signage should only be used on the day of an event to assist with wayfinding, to promote the event schedule or other necessary information pertaining to the event. Easels can be reserved through Conferences & Events for this purpose. Sandwich Boards are not available for rent. When using easels/sandwich board signage the following guidelines apply:

  • Easels/sandwich boards cannot be placed in stairwells or stairwell landings.
  • Easels/sandwich boards cannot obstruct exits, flow of traffic or block handicap buttons.
  • Easels/sandwich boards are approved for the day of the event only


  • Banners can be approved by SIL for Student Organizations or CAE for University Departments for a two week period max and can be hung in the UCEN 3rd floor stairwells only.
  • Banners cannot exceed 3 feet (36 inches) by 4 feet (48 inches).
  • No permanent banners are permitted. All vinyl banners must be made of approved material.

Smoking & Vaping
The entire University of Michigan campus is Tobacco-Free. All university-owned and -operated buildings, facilities and vehicles are included in SPG 601.04.

Sound Systems
CAE sound systems are designed for speech amplification.  If your event includes musical performances or a DJ, please notify CAE and ensure that your performers are bringing appropriate sound reinforcement equipment. CAE does not provide sound equipment to classroom spaces, classrooms are specifically designed for voice amplification.

CAE supports sustainability initiatives.  CAE recommends the use of water coolers and water refill stations.  These options are more sustainable than bottled water and offer guests the opportunity to refill their own water bottles with filtered water. 

Tentative Holds
A room may be put on tentative hold for up to two weeks pending no other requests. In the event of a competing request, the group tentatively holding the room must either confirm or release the room.

Use of Trademarks
No use of the University of Michigan names or trademarks or trade names or service marks is permitted without prior written approval from the University.  In publicizing a group’s event, the group may use the facility name and address to identify the location of the event.

No person shall, while on any property owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by the Regents of the University of Michigan: (1) possess any firearm or any other dangerous weapon as defined in or interpreted under Michigan law or (2) wear on his or her person or carry in his or her clothing any knife, sword or machete having a blade longer than four (4) inches, or, in the case of a knife with a mechanism to lock the blade in place when open, longer than three (3) inches. 

Events canceled due to severe weather resulting in a campus closure will not incur a cancellation fee.

Events canceled due to weather concerns which do not result in a campus closure will be considered on a case by case basis for waiving the cancellation fee.

Wifi is available throughout University facilities.  Please select MGuest network for non-University attendees.