Welcome to the Computer Science, Engineering, and Physics Department at UM-Flint

Whether you're interested in computer science & information systems, engineering, or physics, our department can help you gain the skills and experience to have a successful and rewarding career after graduation. Programs housed in the CSEP department include:

Computer Science & Information Systems

With 3 undergraduate programs, 3 minors, 1 graduate degree, and 3 graduate certificates, our programs in Computer Science & Information Systems prepare you for work in a wild variety of fields. 

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Engineering at UM-Flint offers 3 undergraduate degrees (in general and mechanical engineering) and a graduate degree in mechanical engineering. 

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UM-Flint to Ann Arbor Preferential Engineering Admissions Program

Build opportunities into success by enrolling in our UM-Flint to UM-Ann Arbor Engineering preferential admissions program. You'll start out by taking required prerequisites with UM-Flint, supported by a community of engineering professors and advisors. Succeed here and you'll receive a preferential admissions decision from UM-Ann Arbor's College of Engineering. Take advantage of your transfer credits to complete one of 17 engineering programs with Ann Arbor. Whether you complete your studies with us or transfer, UM-Flint Engineering is ready to help you earn a world-renowned Michigan degree, on-time and cost-effective. 

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3 undergraduate degrees in Physics, a minor, and an Integrated Science Teacher Certificate Program (TCP) are offered by our department. 

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