carman-ainsworth stem early college

The University of Michigan-Flint and Carman-Ainsworth High School introduce Carman-Ainsworth STEM Early College. This STEM focused Early College will provide an opportunity for high school students to earn college credits in the high demand field of Medical/Sciences.

Benefits of An Early College

Carman-Ainsworth STEM Early College will expand the traditional view of high school and increase student opportunities while minimizing or eliminating the factors that limit student success in college.

  • Earn transferable college credit* while attending high school.
  • Completing college courses taught by UM-Flint professors on the high school campus eases the transition from high school to college with dedicated support staff to mentor and guide students.
  • Students maintain the ability to participate in HS sports (9th-12th) and after-school activities.
  • Reduced financial burden on families sending students to college.

*Although UM-Flint credits are widely transferable colleges and universities maintain their own credit transfer policies.

Program Overview

Carman-Ainsworth High School, in partnership with UM-Flint, has created a truly unique opportunity for students to participate in a three year STEM dual enrollment experience.

College courses during the 11th grade will focus on general education requirements. The courses selected will build a strong foundation and skill set (writing, problem solving, logic and communication) to best prepare students for their university experience.

College courses during the 12th grade will focus on a Medical/Sciences pathway. The courses in this program are required (at UM-Flint) for a four year/bachelor degree in this high demand field.

During junior and senior year, UM-Flint college courses will be taught at Carman-Ainsworth High School by UM-Flint professors. In the 13th grade of the Carman-Ainsworth STEM Early College students will transition to the UM-Flint campus to participate in a wide array of college courses specific to their desired degree.

Students may select courses geared toward a specific degree during their 13th year of the Carman-Ainsworth STEM Early College program.