DEEP PRograms

Program Overview

The University of Michigan-Flint is collaborating with Byron Area SchoolsClio Area Schools (Clio and Lakeville), Clarkston Community Schools (Clarkston, Brandon, and Holly), Fenton Area Schools (Fenton, Lake Fenton, and Linden), Lapeer Education & Technology Center (Almont, Dryden, Imlay, Lapeer, and North Branch), Livingston County Schools (Brighton, Hartland, Howell, Fowlerville, and Pinckney), Powers Catholic High School, and the Western Genesee Consortium (Carman-Ainsworth, Flushing, Swartz Creek, and Montrose), to offer the Dual Enrollment Educational Partnerships (DEEP) Program.

The DEEP initiative allows motivated students to earn college credit by taking accredited courses taught by UM-Flint faculty. DEEP will do exactly what its name implies: deepen the students’ knowledge and understanding of course material, while providing in-depth college courses that will prepare them for college and university academic expectations.

DEEP courses are taught on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule each week. DEEP courses are taught during the regular high school academic day,  providing students with time to participate in additional classes and after-school activities. DEEP courses generally follow the UM-Flint academic calendar. However, UM-Flint faculty will accommodate each high school’s Spring Break. 

Program Qualifications

Selected high-ability, highly motivated students will be eligible to enroll in the DEEP program. A selection process and criteria will be developed by the school district in cooperation with UM-Flint.               

UM-Flint has established the following general expectations for DEEP program enrollees:

  • An overall grade point average of 3.0+
  • An interest in post-secondary study in the appropriate professional field
  • The ability and motivation to undertake successfully the rigor of college-level coursework
  • A favorable recommendation from the school principal or counselor addressing the strength of the applicant’s preparation in a college preparatory high school curriculum, including successful completion of 3+ years of HS English with strong writing skills, and other similar characteristics

In addition, applicants for the Medical Sciences and the Pre-Engineering programs are expected to meet the following criteria: 

  • Pre-Engineering academic expectations: (1) completion or concurrent enrollment in Calculus or AP Calculus; and (2) completion or concurrent enrollment in high school physics
  • Medical Sciences academic expectations: (1) successful completion of one year of HS biology (AP or Honors or close equivalent course); (2) successful completion of one year of HS chemistry or one year of HS physics (AP or Honors preferred), one of which may be taken concurrently with enrollment in the Medical Sciences DEEP program; (3) concurrent enrollment in mathematics coursework beyond Algebra II; (4) a record of excellent attendance in high school courses

Exceptions to these qualifications may be considered by the appropriate UM-Flint faculty.

University Credit

Students who participate in this program will be dual-enrolled in their home high schools and UM-Flint. Credit earned will be recorded on official UM-Flint transcripts as regular UM-Flint courses. These credits are applicable to four-year degree programs at UM-Flint and potentially to other institutions.      

Students who intend to transfer these credits to another institution are advised that their intended/preferred transfer institution determines which credits will transfer. The UM-Flint courses selected for the DEEP program are considered by faculty as desirable because they will:

  • help students develop a stronger academic foundation in the profession being studied, and
  • accustom students to the rigors of college-level work.

It should also be noted that highly competitive universities view with favor those applications “which demonstrate the applicant has consistently challenged him/herself academically by performing well in Honors, AP, IB, and college courses.”

Application & Submission Deadline

Dual enrollment applications are available in each high school guidance office. You may also print a copy of the application. Check with your guidance office for the deadline date. In order to receive full consideration, the application must be completed, signed (parent and student signature required) and dated to your high school guidance office.