Computer Science & Information Systems Programs

Delve Into the Fast-Paced Field of Computer Science

Computer Science encompasses the theory, design, and implementation of algorithms employed to manipulate and transform information. University of Michigan-Flint’s world-class Computer Science and Information Systems undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs help you delve into this fast-changing field of computer science and equip you with the knowledge to become a future-thinking professional in technology.

Through the study of Computer Science and Information Systems, you are inspired to develop a commitment for life-long learning in a highly dynamic field, an awareness of the broad applicability of computing, and a deep appreciation for the interplay of theory and practice.

When you study at UM-Flint, you have the following program options to explore a broad range of topics such as software development, data analytics, computer networks, information systems, and cybersecurity:

  • Undergraduate programs in computer science & information systems 
  • A master’s degree along with three graduate certificates in data science, intelligent systems, and security
  • A dual master’s degree in business administration and computer science & information systems
  • An undergraduate minor to complement your primary area of study
Faculty working with a student in a Computer Science & Information Systems class.
Two students in a Computer Science & Information Systems class.
Three students in a Computer Science & Information Systems class.

Computer Science & Information Systems Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

The BS in Computer Information Systems program is designed for students who envision a career in system analysis, business database management, and web or mobile application programming. Integrating vital business knowledge with practical technical skills, the Computer Information Systems major prepares you to leverage cutting-edge technology to ignite business success.

In addition, the program provides the flexibility for students to customize their program of study. According to your personal and professional goals, you may choose to focus on Business Information Systems or Web and Mobile Information Systems as your specialization.

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BS in Computer Information Systems degree.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

UM-Flint’s leading-edge Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program introduces students to the fundamentals of software development, engineering, computer networking, and information security. The CS major shapes your engineering skills such as creative problem-solving, quantitative analysis, and communication skills. You can learn to use industry-standard programming languages such as  Java, C++, JavaScript, and SQL in hands-on projects.

With various elective course options, you can choose Software Engineering, Systems/Networking, or Security as your focus of study to prepare for a specific career path in computer science. You also have the option to enroll in the Honor track which gives you the opportunity to gain off-campus research experience and complete a thesis.

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If you want to unlock your talents in information systems and computer science, you have the option to declare a minor and complement your non-CS major with a set of technical courses. Minor options include:

Computer Science & Information Systems Master’s Degrees

Master of Science in Computer Science & Information Systems

UM-Flint’s MS in Computer Science and Information Systems program advances your technical skills and competencies to take your career to new heights. With concentration options in computer science and information systems, the MS program solidifies your knowledge in computing in various contexts including problem-solving, technical support, training, and management. By earning a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Information Systems, you are well-prepared to progress your career to the management level as an administrator, analyst, designer, and programming or engineering team lead.

The MS program is offered in a hybrid format with a blend of online and on-campus courses that can accommodate your busy schedule. For those without a CS background, the Master’s degree program provides a preparatory fast-track that covers foundational mathematics and computing knowledge.

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Master of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems. If you are interested in earning your Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in an accelerated time frame, learn more about our BS/MS Joint Degree program.

MBA/MS in Computer Science & Information Systems Dual Degree

University of Michigan-Flint offers a pioneering Business Administration/Computer Science & Information Systems MBA/MS dual degree program for those wanting to step into managerial roles. Aiming to cultivate visionary business leaders with expertise in computer science, this program innovatively integrates business management with computing and information technology.

By completing the MBA/MS dual degree, you are prepared to leverage your advanced technical competencies to design business solutions with a creative mindset.

Learn more about the MBA/MS in Computer Science & Information Systems dual degree program.

Graduate Certificates

Data Science Certificate

With a short course of study, the Data Science Certificate program introduces you to the fundamentals of data warehousing, security, business intelligence, information storage and retrieval, and data mining. Earning a Data Science certificate, you gain the skills needed for a career change or development to pursue roles such as data analyst and data administrator.

Learn more about the Data Science Graduate Certificate program.

Information Security Certificate

As information security and cybersecurity become increasingly important in today’s digital economy, UM-Flint created the Information Security Certificate program to help students obtain expertise in protecting information from viruses, cyber-attacks, and unauthorized access.

Learn more about the Information Security Certificate program.

Intelligent Systems Certificate

Intelligent systems and machine learning are bringing revolutionary changes to numerous industries such as automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, and gaming. Preparing students to enter this rising sector of technology, the Intelligent Systems Certificate program provides advanced training in image processing, artificial intelligence, and computer vision. Through this program, you obtain the ability to engineer solutions for the ever-changing world of big data.

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What will your experience as a computer science and information systems major look like with UM-Flint? We’ve developed major maps to help you learn what to expect during each stage of your studies. These maps share year-by-year information like class selection, extra-curricular opportunities, career preparation, and more. Download the map and start charting your course to success.

Andrew Mrazik

Andrew Mrazik
Computer Science 2020

Andrew Mrazik conducted AI and machine learning research with Dr. Halil Bisgin, studying the biomarkers of disease. He stated, “This experience meant a lot to me in terms of getting a sense of how real-world computer science skills are used. I saw this as a great opportunity to build my resume as well. I’m extremely happy our research was published and am hoping it will help to advance my career as I apply to companies in the future.” He is now a Senior Implementation Analyst at Novasyte LLC.

Advising Services

At the University of Michigan-Flint, we are proud to have many dedicated advisors who are the experts students can rely upon to guide their educational journey. Explore all the possible pathways for your future, and book an appointment today.

In addition to academic advising, the College of Arts & Sciences provides extensive career advising services to help you define a clear path for your career. Contact Myesha Cannon through Handshake to schedule your career coaching appointment.

Cyber Classroom

The Computer Science, Engineering, & Physics Department at UM-Flint provides an enhanced learning environment for certain courses through the use of cyber-classrooms. Class sessions held in these rooms are automatically recorded and can be accessed by students at any time online.

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Do you envision yourself being part of the innovative computer science and information technology industry? Unleash your full potential through the University of Michigan-Flint’s Computer Science and Information Systems programs. Apply today or contact us to learn more.

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