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DEI Committee Members

  • Jan Furman
    Committee Co-Chair
  • David Luke
    DEI Committee Co-Chair
    (810) 762-3045
  • Thomn Bell, School of Education & Human Services
  • Sarah Case, College of Health Sciences
  • Chelsea Duncan, School of Nursing
  • Omar Elnour, Undergraduate Student
  • Marilyn Filter, School of Nursing
  • Stephanie Gelderloos, LEO Lecturer
  • George Hakim, Business & Finance
  • Samara Hough, Division of Student Affairs
  • Min Huang, Faculty Council
  • Tatiana Hull, Graduate Student
  • Courtney Humphrey, Graduate Student
  • Andre Louis, Staff Council
  • Murali Mani, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Kyle McCree, Graduate Student
  • Annie McMahon Whitlock, At-large
  • Mia McNeil, University Advancement
  • Cathleen Miller, School of Management
  • Emily Newberry, Thompson Library
  • Debra Price, At-large
  • Meoachy Proby, Department of Public Safety
  • Samantha Uptmor, Undergraduate Student
  • Lori Vedder, Enrollment Management

Ex officio

  • Chris Giordano, Division of Student Affairs
  • Shelby Newport, Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs