Ensuring a Safe and Respectful Community

The University of Michigan-Flint is committed to preventing sexual misconduct and offering support to those who have been harmed. Sexual assault, harassment, discrimination and all forms of sexual misconduct have no place at the University of Michigan or the University of Michigan-Flint.

It’s up to each of us to create a healthy and safe campus; to support those who come forward; and to participate in prevention programs. This website provides tools and resources that can help us ensure a safe and respectful campus.

Together we can cultivate a culture of respect and build a safe, respectful, inclusive and equitable learning and work environment.

Faculty/Staff: Take the Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Training Module
Learn how to get help and make a report

What is Sexual Misconduct?

Sexual misconduct can take a variety of forms, including sexual and gender-based harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking and retaliation against those who raise concerns about these forms of sexual misconduct. Sexual misconduct as a term is frequently used in institutional policies to categorize behaviors such as: rape, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, dating violence, and stalking. Behaviors that fall under this term may or may not also be against local law.

Behavior that creates a hostile environment or is perceived to impact a person’s employment, academic standing or participation in university programs could be considered sexual misconduct.

Education & Training

UM-Flint provides sexual assault awareness and prevention education and sexual violence prevention education to all ​incoming students. It also offers bystander intervention training to students, as well as offering employees education and training to foster and maintain a welcoming, supportive, inclusive and diverse working and learning environment.

The Importance of Reporting

To create a safe campus, it is important that everyone has accurate information about confidential resources and reporting options. When sexual misconduct is not reported or taken seriously, it cannot be effectively addressed.

Many who experience sexual misconduct do not report it because they fear that nothing will happen or they will not be believed. UM-Flint takes all reports of sexual misconduct seriously and works with complainants to prevent and respond to retaliation. Those concerned about the consequences of reporting are encouraged to seek confidential assistance. For more information about filing a report, please click here.