Marketing and Advertising

MAC develops and implements a variety of paid advertising campaigns that bring awareness to university programs, initiatives and events.

“Paid advertising” refers to:

  • Broadcast and streaming (television, radio).
  • Streaming and traditional radio.
  • Digital (search campaigns, display, social networking sites).
  • Outdoor (billboards).
  • Print (magazines, newspapers, journals).

Before considering any advertising (paid or unpaid), university departments/offices should consult with Mike Muscat, MAC assistant director, to assess any proposed campaign needs and goals. MAC has access to several media partners, production companies, and internal resources to aid with the development and implementation of advertising. MAC also has an extensive database of existing advertising assets in various formats that may be able to be modified for your needs. If any paid video (TV, online, streaming, etc.) is required, please consult with MAC for production assistance as well as brand adherence.

Please reference our brand strategy document for information about the university’s current marketing approach, brand guidelines and links to approved logos.

Contact Information

Mike Muscat
Assistant Director
[email protected]