Operating Standards

The RECREATION CENTER’S primary safety resources are the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Health/Fitness Facility Standards and Guidelines, and the National Intermural Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) Risk Management Manual for Sports and Recreation Organizations. ACMS guidelines represent the standard of care that must apply to all health and fitness facilities including design considerations and operating procedures that enhance service to customers. Then NIRSA manual is designed around the principals that risk of injury is inherent to physical activity, that it is possible to minimize risk, and that safety is everybody’s concern.

Special Certifications

Recreation center employees, from the director to the newly hired freshman lifeguard, are required to be trained, certified, knowledgeable and prepared to respond to an emergency in the manner appropriate to the position held. Building supervisors, fitness instructors and lifeguards (LG) are trained and certified annually in the performance of cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Full-time staff also receive annual training in proper procedures for dealing with bloodborne pathogens & hazardous substances. A Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan (ECP) that is specific to the Rec Center and compiles with OSHA and MIOSHA standards has been written and implemented.  This document is reviewed and updated biannually and all staff attend in-service training sessions covering changes in protocol annually.

Automatic External Defibrillators (AED)

Full-time Rec Center staff are trained in the use of AED devices which analyze heart rhythms and deliver an electric shock when an abnormal, life-threatening rhythm might be corrected by such a shock. Two AED’s are housed in the Rec Center, ready for use by trained staff members, one of whom is always on duty when the Rec Center is open.

Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors

Our personal trainers, fitness instructors and U•Fit coaches hold certifications by nationally recognized organizations in the fitness industry along with current CPR certification. They also recieve periodic re-training and re-certification to ensure that they are up to date and knowledgeable regarding current research trends in health and fitness. 

Preventative Maintenance

All exercise equipment, including cardio equipment, free weights and weight training machines, is carefully researched and scrutinized for safety, as well as efficacy, before purchase/lease agreement and instillation. All equipment is regularly inspected and any unit that might present even a minor danger is immediately taken out of service.

Swimming Pool Inspection and Maintenance

Swimming pool operations are supervised by four Rec Center professionals who are trained and have earned Certified Pool Operator status awarded by the National Swimming Pool Foundation and Aquatic Facility Operator certification attained under the auspices of the National Park and Recreation Association. The pool is inspected twice annually by the Genesee County Health Department and testedseveral times daily by Rec Center professionals and lifeguards to ensure that health and water quality standards are maintained.

The swimming pool and spa receive special cleaning weekdays 9-11 a.m., in addition to automatic cleaners which work throughout the night.


Any time the swimming pool and spa are open, members and guests are carefully and constantly observed by American Red Cross (ARC) trained and certified lifeguards. Lifeguards are equipped with two-way radios, an emergency telephone, rescue equipment, a well-stocked first aid kit and the knowledge that additional professional help is just seconds away. Lifeguards are required to maintain skills in CPR/AED, first aid and water rescue. They must pass a water readiness test and receive site-specific training before they are assigned to lifeguard shifts. Lifeguards participate in periodic in-service training sessions to keep their skills honed.

Emergency Procedures

The Rec Center staff works closely with the UM-Flint Department of Environment, Health and Safety and the Department of Public Safety to ensure that all appropriate standards, policies and procedures are met and followed. Emergency drills, including fire and storm, backboarding and emergency building evacuation are planned, implemented, critiqued and fine-tuned on a regular basis. Successful collaborative efforts pay off in terms of safety on a daily basis. Health and fitness can’t be achieved without attention to safety. All staffers are concerned with working for the safety of guests who visit, and are involved in and committed to the standards, guidelines, protocols, training, certificaions and continuing education which are indicative of the tradition of excellence associated with the University of Michigan. 

General Policies

It is the philosophy of the Recreational Services to provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere and to strive to protect and respect the rights of all memebers. The conduct policy is implemented to serve as a basis for governing use of the Recreation Cener and other areas within the jurisdiction of the department. Incendences not covered by a given policy will be dealt with upon occurance. Persons in violation of the conduct policy may face expulsion, or other sanctions as outlined below, depending on the severity of the conduct. Decisions may be appealed, as described below:

Prohibited Conduct

  • Use of obscene, profane, vulgar, derogatory, demeaning, or threatening language or gestures.
  • Spitting.
  • Disregarding facility usage policies and procedures including signage.
  • Using a false I.D. or another person’s I.D. for admission to the building.
  • Entering the facility by means other than proper check-in procedures.
  • Verbal abuse of patrons, students, staff members or others.
  • Harassment of patrons, students, staff members or others.
  • Damage to University of Michigan-Flint equipment (whether restitution is made may mitigate the severity of the sanction imposed).
  • Violent, assaultive and/or physical behavior directed toward patrons, staff members or others.
  • Threats, verbal or otherwise, directed at patrons, staff members or others.
  • Theft of personal property.
  • Theft of University of Michiga-Flint equipment or services.
  • Sexual misconduct; including, but not limited to, exhibitionistic and obscene behavior.
  • Violation of Recreation Center policies or procedures.
  • Violation of University of Michigan-Flint policy or local, state or federal regulations or laws.

Patrons observing inappropriate behavior should report such behavior to a Recreational Services staff member immediately.


Engaging in any of the prohibited conduct outlined above may result in sanction(s) as determined by Recreational Services Administration. Some of the factors influencing the nature of the sanction(s) include the severity of the prohibited conduct at issue, and whether the person is a repeat offender of the conduct policy. Sanctions for engaging in prohibited conduct may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Verbal warning by Recreational Services staff.
  • Restitution.
  • Expulsion from the Recreation Center for the remainder of the day.
  • Expulsion from the Recreation Center for a specified period of time e.g., one day, ninety days, one year, five year.
  • Permanent expulsion from the Recreation Center.
  • Referral to the appropriate University disciplinary procedures for additional possible sanctions, up to and including possible dismissal from the University.

Patrons observing inappropriate behavior should report such behavior to a Recreational Services staff member immediately.

Appeal Process

Persons wishing to file an appeal should write to the Recreational Services Board of Review, Recreation Center, University of Michigan-Flint, Flint, MI 48502, within thirty (30) days of the date on the letter-issuing penalty. The Board of Review will set an appeal meeting within thirty (30) days after receipt of the letter of appeal. The Board of Review will then make a written decision within five (5) business days. The decision of the Board of Review will be final.

  • If the Board of Review supports the action taken under the Conduct Policy, a prorated refund will be given from the time of the final decision to the end of the membership/service period.
  • If the Board of Review reverses the action taken under the Conduct Policy, a prorated refund will be given from the day following the incident to the day the patron is allowed entry to the Recreation Center.

10/07 - Reviewed and approved by the UM Office of the General Counsel and the UM-Flint Recreational Services Advisory Board.

Weapons Policy

Possessing, wearing, carrying or using firearms or any other dangerous weapons is prohibited on any property owned, leased or controlled by the University of Michigan, except by properly authorized law enforcement officers.

The complete text of the Regents’ ordinance establishing this policy may be viewed online or at the UM-Flint Thompson Library.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Regardless of age, alcohol is not permitted in the Rec Center at any time. Students, members and guests should not posess, transport, consume or be in the presence of alcohol in any area of the Rec Center. The posession, use, sale, distribution or manufacturing of any illegal substance and the posession of drug/smoking paraphernalia is prohibited in the Rec Center. Posession, use or distribution of alcohol or any illicit drugs may lead to a referral to the appropriate local, state or federal authorities for misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the nature of the offense. The sanctions for such offenses may include fines and/or imprisonment. 

Other Prohibited Activies

After careful review of facility design and usage patterns, it has been determined that it is not reasonably prudent to allow indoor use of soccer balls (except futsal), throwing/batting a softball/baseball/lacrosse/cricket ball, throwing/kicking a football, wearing roller blades/skates, using floor hockey sticks/fencing swords, frisbies, discs or using other types of hard projectiles and stick-like objects during open recreation. Allowing these types of activities to occur during open recreation puts the Recreation Center in direct violation of standards of care for facilities such as ours and makes the University liable if an incident or injury would occur.


Sound Equipment

Individuals who wish to listen to MP3 players, iPods, or other personal electronic entertainment devices while they work out, must use devicens with personal headphones only. Individual use of devices without headphones is prohibited. Fitness Classes and group activities may sometimes involve the use of sound equipment without personal headphones. Advance authorization by Recreation Center administrative staff is required for group use of sound equipment.


Food and Drink

Food is allowed in vending area only. Groups may have food in the Activity Room by reservation only. Water and other drinks in plastic containers that are securely closed are acceptable in activity spaces. The lobby and the third floor in the University Center, as well as the ground level of the Murchie Science Building, have food and drink sales, vending, and accommodations for eating.


Cardio Equipment Usage

Members and guests are requested to respect time limits posted for cardio equipment. All guests need equal opportunity for access. Please honor 30-minute limits for equipment use as posted.


Lost and Found Policy

Items found in the Recreation Center are retained in the Business Office of the Recreation Center for a period of 30 days. At that time, all articles become the property of the Recreational Services Department and are donated to a local charity or to the Department of Public Safety. Please inquire during Business Office hours if you believe you may have lost belongings at the Recreation Center.


Towels and Equipment

Equipment and towels checked out at the Equipment Station must be checked back in before leaving the Rec Center.  A record is created in the computer when you check out equipment and/or towels, and you must inform the attendant when you return items so that your account record is cleared for each daily visit. Fees are assessed based on the value of the equipment and/or towel non-returned. 




Personal Trainers and Coaches

The Umiversity of Michigan-Flint is a state-funded institution; our buildings and resources may mot be used for private/individual monetary benefit. Individuals who want to provide personal training or coaching services must make contractual arrangements to rent space at the Recreation Center in accordance with University of Michigan policies and procedures. 




Approval must be obtained from Rec Center Administration prior to videotaping or photography in the Rec Center of its participants. During videotaped events, please let staff know if you do not what your photo used in print or social media. 


  • Memberships may be cancelled. For prepaid annual memberships, refunds will be calculated based upon the month-to-month rate from the date of payment to the date of cancellation.  For perpetual memberships, if member cancels before 12 months of continual deductions, a $50 early termination fee will be imposed before purchasing a new membership.  If member has held the membership for longer than 12 months, no penalty fee will be assessed. 
  • Leisure activities classes will be refunded in full prior to the second class of the session. Prorated refunds will be given if the class is cancelled during the session. No other refunds will be granted.
  • Summer camps - please see appropriate brochure regarding camp refund policies.




Animals of any kind are not allowed in the Rec Center; except for registered ADA service animals. Please provide our business office with a copy of your registration paperwork. 



Parking Policy

Rec Center members (not including students, faculty, and staff) and Day Pass patrons must follow the following parking policies: 

  • Monday-Thursday between 8:00am & 5:00pm – Parking is available anywhere in the Mill Street Parking Deck except in otherwise designated spaces.
  • Before 8:00am & after 5:00pm weekdays, all day Fridays & Weekends – Parking is also allowed in Lot A (the flat lot adjacent to the Recreation Center) or in the Mill Street Parking Deck. 
  • Handicap Parking - Rec member/non-student handicap permit parking is available in the Mill Street Parking Deck (additional spaces have been added).  
  • UM-Flint Students and Faculty/Staff - must park in areas designated for their respective parking permits. 

Note:  Parking Pass Hangtags for Rec Members and Day Pass patrons are obtained from the Rec Center’s business office (Mon-Fri 7:30am-6:30pm; Sat 10am-2pm). You will need to provide:  make, model and license plate number of the primary car. Annual validation stickers will be mailed each August to current members.


Safety Issues

Exercise Precautions
Because exercise is a stress placed on the body, certain precautions should be considered.  Participants are encouraged to get a physical exam prior to engaging in vigorous exercise. Users who are over age 40 and/or have any ailment or special condition(s), which may increase risk of heart disease, are strongly encouraged to consult a physician prior to engaging in exercise.

Inherently, many recreational sports activities present the possibility of injury. Participation in programs is voluntary; individuals assume responsibility for their own safety and health. All individuals who intend to participate in vigorous activities should, for their own protection, have a physical examination to determine if they are able to participate. Medical insurance, which would cover expenses incurred by an injury, is strongly recommended.


Identification and Check-in

Must present a valid picture ID that includes birthdate. In the event of an emergency, we must ensure that all guests are safe. Without picture ID, we can’t identify you!

Members and UM-Flint Students
Must present valid M-Card ID. Keys may not be left at the front counter as identification or for safe keeping.

Forgotten ID/Lost M-Card
UM-Flint and the Recreation Center utilize the MCard, one card for student access to all areas of the University. Rec Center members are also issued an Mcard. Students and members must bring their MCard each visit. $2 forgotten ID pass must be purchased each time a Rec Center member, UM-Flint student and/or Faculty and Staff forget their MCard for check-in. In addition, some form of picture ID will be required in order to verify you are the person requesting access.

A $10 fee will be assessed for lost M-Cards. Forgotten ID fees may not be applied to the purchase of a new MCard. Students must pay the $10 fee at the Cashier's Office in the University Pavilion.



Click here for membership policies.



Patrons must be 18 years or older and have valid photo id showing current address and birthdate in order to purchase a day pass without a parent or adult sponsor.  Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or adult 18 years of age or older who also purchases a day pass or has current membership privileges at the Recreation Center.

Children 12 years of age and younger

  • Must be directly supervised at all times by a parent or adult age 18 or older. Children 12 years of age and younger have restricted access in the UM-Flint Recreation Center and may use the following designated areas only: Gym Floor, Racquetball Courts, Activity Area and Pool.
  • Are NOT allowed in the following designated areas: Fitness Classes, Track, Cybex Area, Cardio Room, Free Weight Room, Whirlpool Spa, and Saunas.
  • Child care is not available, and children 12 years and younger may not wait at the sidelines or play in another area while the parent or adult sponsor participates in adult recreational activities such as playing basketball, walking/running on the track, using exercise equipment, participating in fitness classes, etc.

Youths ages 13 through 17 years 

  • May use all areas of the facility; however, youths MUST BE DIRECTLY SUPERVISED by a parent or adult age 18 or older while on the Track, in the Cybex Area, Cardio Room, Free Weight Room, or participating in Fitness Classes.
  • When direct supervision is not required, the parent or adult sponsor must be accessible within the facility.

Children six years of age and older must use gender-appropriate locker rooms.  Please see administrative staff to discuss special accomodations.


Pool/Spa Rules

Click here for the swimming pool and whirlpool spa rules and information.