MyDegreePlan is a powerful and comprehensive degree auditing program. This tool enables students and their advisors to track degree progress in real-time and plan future academic coursework. MyDegreePlan is part of the Banner and Ellucian suite of software products and is designed to work with our existing Banner tools and services to provide seamless communication between a student’s Banner academic history and the degree audit.

MyDegreePlan is available to all degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students who have catalog years (Programs of Study) from 2010-2011 to the present. Any student using catalogs prior to 2010-2011 should contact their advisor for assistance with their degree evaluation. 


  • Reach goals: Students don’t waste time and money on courses or stress about graduating on time.
  • Provide support: Advisors have more time to provide insightful advice that supports better student outcomes.
  • Increase graduation: Institutions can monitor course demand, and offer the right classes at the right time.
  • Increase enrollment: Simplified transfer articulation eliminates the manual process of sending transcripts and waiting for a response.


  • Clear visual indicators show students whether they are on-track or off-track.
  • Student Enrollment Planner (SEP) maps academic journey of the students, keeping them on track for on-time graduation.
  • Course substitutions, waivers, and petitions are shown within the degree audit.
  • SEP reports provide business intelligence to enable UM-Flint’s Academic units to plan future course schedules, offerings based on course demand, and identify emerging enrollment patterns.
  • ​Student planning tool maps academic journey keeping them on track for on-time graduation.

Degree audits and tracking help monitor progress toward degree completion

  • Outstanding requirements automatically display for courses not yet completed
  • Degree progress bars show current status of academic journey
  • Course substitutions and waivers are shown within the degree audit

Student planning tools

  • Map out academic plan to stay on track for on-time graduation
  • Clear on-and-off-track indicators help determine when to seek assistance from an advisor
  • Entering intended courses for future terms will enable academic departments to plan future course offerings

What-if and look-ahead analyses

  • Help to understand how courses and majors affect degree time lines
  • What-if audits show degree progress if major is changed