Academic Calendar

  • Winter (January-April)
  • Summer (May-August)
  • Fall (September-December)

Part of Term – within each semester there are multiple “Parts of Term” that vary in length and have deadlines specific to them. Courses may be offered in a 14, 10 or 7 week format and are identified by their start and end dates. Refer to the Part of Term FAQ’s for additional information.

Drop a Class
Students may drop an individual class within the drop deadline of the part of term they are registered for. See Academic Calendar for deadline dates below. 

Withdrawal from the Semester
Withdrawal is the term used for the process of dropping all classes across all parts of term for a given semester. Students may withdraw from the semester until the final drop deadline. Once a course has received any grade, students are no longer eligible to withdraw from the semester. See Academic Calendar for deadline dates below.

Academic Calendars

To find the deadlines for your specific course, select the semester then select the part of term of the course to view dates and deadlines. Each part of term has its own deadlines.

All deadlines end at 11:59 p.m. EST unless otherwise noted.

Printable Academic Calendars