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    Changes to the Refund process are coming soon.  Watch for updates here and in your student email, student action will be required.


If you are paid in full prior to cancelling, dropping or withdrawing from the semester, tuition and fees will be adjusted based on the date of cancellation, drop or withdrawal. Financial aid will be adjusted if appropriate and refunds will be processed.

Refund Methods
  • e-Refund

What is e-Refund?

It is a time saving and convenient way to have your excess Financial Aid or other student account credits direct deposited into your checking or savings account.

How do I set up an e-Refund account?

  1. Log in to the Student Account Center with your uniqname and password
  2. Select eRefunds
  3. Select Set up Account
  4. Enter the checking or savings account information
  5. Review the authorization page and confirm that it is correct.  Check agree and click Continue.

Click here to see what the "Set up Refund Account" page looks like.  Once you have set up your e-Refund account, all refunds due to you will be done electronically until you deactivate your saved refund account.

for more assistance in setting up an e-refund account, please view the online tutorial
  • Paper Check

Paper checks are mailed to the address that is on file in the Student Information System (SIS).  Checks are mailed via the United States Postal Service.  The student must have an address in the United States.  Checks are not mailed to foreign addresses.

Refund Process for Financial Aid Credits

Fall and Winter Semesters:

Financial aid is disbursed approximately 10 days prior to the beginning of the Fall and Winter semesters.  On that day Cashiers/Student Accounts Office will process all refunds for students with eligible credits remaining on their student account.  You, as the student, have the option to receive this refund through e-Refund, following the procedures listed above, or in paper check form by mail to your registered home address.  All refund checks will be mailed within one business day.  All e-Refunds will also be processed, however we ask that you allow a minimum of two business days for the electronic funds to come through (time can vary depending on your bank).

Important:  If you have chosen to receive a paper check you may not pick up your check on the day the office processes refunds.  Also, in order for your refund to be direct deposited you must set up your e-Refund account at least two business days prior to the disbursement of financial aid.

Spring and Summer Semesters:

Financial aid is disbursed on the first day of the semester. All students signed up for e-Refund will receive an automatic deposit into their checking or savings account they have set up through the Student Account Center.  The frequency that the e-Refund process is ran may vary each semester, so please check with the Cashiers/Student Accounts office if you have any questions on when your e-Refund is expected to be processed.  If you have chosen to receive your refund as a paper check, it will be mailed within one business day.

State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA)

Refunds for fully online, out-of-state (distance education) students fall under the above rules except for students in states not participating in the National State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA). To determine if a state is participating in SARA, students may refer to https://ai.umich.edu/distance-education-disclosures/. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Cashier’s Office in writing if their refund does not fall under the agreement for SARA states.