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Proud UM-Flint graduate

From the University of Michigan's founding in 1817, our 'leaders and best' have believed in the concept of 

an uncommon education for the common man.

In 1956, Ann Arbor sent their best faculty and administrative talent to Flint to ensure the mission, reputation, and standards of a Michigan education took root here, adapted to this environment, and thrived.

By this measurement, a University of Michigan education doesn't get any more real than at UM-Flint.

Engage More

UM-Flint class in downtown Flint

UM-Flint is proud of our role in the ongoing efforts to effect positive change in Flint, Michigan. Like so many other residents, organizations, and coalitions, this is not a new development for us. Since our founding, we have viewed civic engagement as the duty of every member of this—or any—community. 

From an academic perspective, Flint is

the ideal environment for applied learning, the ultimate idea-into-action testing ground.

This philosophy of engaged learning brings knowledge out of the classroom and into the world, where people live, where problems need solutions, where students discover what it really takes to make a real difference.

Experience More

UM-Flint class in downtown Flint's Carriage Town neighborhood

Engaged learning is not simply about doing something for places like Flint. Nor is it about places like Flint doing something for you in some school-of-hard-knocks, "make it here, make it anywhere" kind of way.

Engaged learning at UM-Flint is about the value of specific experiences that force students to perform at their best, to cope with realities in realtime, and to employ all of their knowledge, passion, creativity, and collaborative talent to get things done.

UM-Flint graduates ready to engage the world

Graduates who get results in any situation.

That's what the world needs. That's what you can expect from your University of Michigan-Flint experience.