Department of Social Sciences & Humanities

French Hall

Department of Social Sciences & Humanities

260 David M. French Hall
303 E. Kearsley Street
Flint, MI 48502-1950
Phone: (810) 766-6729

Social Sciences & Humanities

Department Leadership

Jeannette Stein, PhD
Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs
Associate Professor of Psychology
(810) 762-3235

Africana Studies Faculty

Patricia Emenyonu
Lecturer II

Guluma Gemeda
Associate Professor

Economics Faculty

William DeFrance
Lecturer II

Christopher Douglas
Associate Professor
(810) 424-5492

Adam Lutzker
Associate Professor
(810) 762-3195

Shree Maitra
Lecturer I

History Faculty

Mohamed Daassa
Lecturer IV
(810) 424-5490
Research: U.S. minorities, Identity Issues, Assimilation, Religious Integration, Islam and Muslims in Non-Muslim Majority Societies

John Ellis
(810) 762-3204
Research: Nationalism and national identity in the British Isles; Modern Wales and Ireland

Roy Hanashiro
(810) 762-3368
Research: Modern Japan; Asian economic history

Gregory M. Havrilcsak
Lecturer IV
(810) 762-3205

Thomas Henthorn
Associate Professor
(810) 762-3206
Research: Progressive Era, Urban History, Charities and Philanthropy

Douglas Knerr
(810) 762-3211
Research: Vernacular Architecture; Capital Formation and Regional Markets; Industrial Archeology

Christopher A. Molnar
Associate Professor
(810) 762-3207
Research: Modern Germany; race and immigration in German and European history; the memory of World War II in postwar Europe

Philosophy Faculty

Political Science Faculty

Peggy Kahn, PhD
Emerita Professor of Political Science, David M. French Professor Emerita, Common Read Co-chair
Research interests: U.S. health care policy, low-income households’ public benefits and service, including Medicaid and TANF, work-family dilemmas of low-income households.

Jason Kosnoski, PhD
Associate Professor
(810) 762-3473
Research: Democratic theory, theories of public space, pragmatism, Marxism

Victoria Morckel, PhD, AICP
Associate Professor 
(810) 237-6560
Research: Land use planning, urban planning, urban studies, public policy; shrinking/legacy cities; causes and consequences of population decline; property vacancy, housing abandonment, blight

Derwin Munroe
Campus Pre-Law Advisor, & Lecturer IV
(810) 762-3130
Research: Politics of energy, economic development in developing countries

Kimberly Saks McManaway, PhD
Lecturer IV & MPA Director
(810) 762-3472
Research: Political representation and electoral decision-making; gender and politics, gender and public policy; law and public policy; political behavior

Jeremiah Wade-Olson, PhD
Assistant Professor
(810) 762-3412
Research interests: Conditions in U.S. prisons; race and prisoner treatment; administration of U.S. prisons

Administrative Staff

Audrey Scribner
Administrative Assistant – Communication & Academic Support

Suzanne Shivnen
Administrative Assistant, Personnel & Course Scheduling

Karri Spoelstra
Administrative Assistant – Financials